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Tell Your Domestic Violence Story

There is healing in telling your story. It seems that the healing comes in many ways. Some of it comes because feelings are released as you tell the story. Healing also comes because you gain a deeper understanding as you listen to yourself. In addition, others are healed as they listen to your story and realize that there are insights for their own lives.
If you like, you may e-mail your story to be published on this website. Your name will be removed, but also, please be sensitive about including any other information that would identify you to your abuser.

Suggestions For Re-reading Your Story

After your have sent your story and you have some distance from writing it, I suggest you read it again. Really feel your feelings as you read it. Then ask yourself. "What am I WILLING to do about this?" Please don't talk to yourself about what you "should" do. You probably have many things you "should" do and your friends have probably given you the same "shoulds." But "shoulds" are not helpful. You will not do anything because you "should." (Me and my friends have a long list for me. I "should" lose weight. I "should" exercise more. I "should" save more money. I "should" be nicer. I "should" keep my house cleaner. Am I doing these? NO!) The real question is, "What are you WILLING to do?" It does not have to be much to start. Maybe you are willing to read more books on domestic violence. Maybe you are willing to talk honestly to one friend you trust. Maybe you are willing to stop making excuses for your abuser.


H: I’m writing because I am a survivor of domestic violence. I suffered at the hands of my ex husband, whom in return plead guilty to assault. However, looking at the website, he isn’t listed. I was wonder how to get him added. After my life with him, I learned from his previous spouse that he is a repeat offender and abused her as well, which came as a shock. My hope is that by adding him to the website, someone in the future can be spared of the things we endured. Please let me know how I can help.

Nine: I am a 40 year old woman, who has been with my current boyfriend 2 1/2 years.. Before, him, I was married to my "first love" for 15 years. Too young, would be our problem, fighting between us was there, not alot of hitting, some, both ways...

Eight: Iwas about 24 when I got married. From the beginning, he yelled at me and pushed me around. I atttended church and believed that once you got married, you stayed married so I just kept letting him do it...

Seven: I would like to let you know that there are a small number of people out there who are like me. I am an abusive man. I was psychologically abusive to someone who I cared about more than anything in the whole world, and I lost her because of it...

Six: After 14 years, I experienced physical, emotional and verbal abuse from my husband. I decided that enough was enough; and for the sake of my three children who were growing older, I needed to end the abusive marriage...

Five: My name is not important-then again, I am not important. I have been literally swepted into this cloud I have allowed to be enveloped in for three years now. He frightens me, as he moves paper around the desk...

Four: I am writing you because I feel so alone. I have been in a violent marriage for 2 years and I am finally leaving him. Xxxxx, the abuser was put in jail one time for this already but he has yet to follow through with his domestic violence classes.

Three: I decided to leave my husband in August of 2000. I had stashed some money, so that I could leave and take my son with me. He filed paperwork against me and tried to take my son.

Two: I was raped as a child by two of my uncles, and molested by a cousin and my fathers girlfriend. I did what I was told to do as a child I told an adult- my teacher. She in turn told the principal...

One: I've been in a very violent relationship for the past 2 years. The violence has continually escalated to its current state. I really feel within my heart that my boyfriend will eventually kill me...

9 thoughts on “Tell Your Story”

  1. I witness a grown 45year old man hit his aunt Mary about 70 elderly woman in the face. I was staying across the hall. I swear men really need to think before they raise they're hand the damage mentally that can cause.

    I couldn't believe my eyes I left in Uber that he kept cancelling yea well stupid ass mother fucker. I know she wasn't there when I had to go back... thank God. Three C's CCC Cool, Calm Collective.

    Joshua David Allen Moncrief 7/2/74 his real age on Violence Offender List Rosenberg, Texas

    • I totally agree. I had a protective order put on me by my now ex-boyfriend's mother based off lies and her being vindictive and trying to break us up. Well she did. And she had me thrown in jail because I showed up at her house to talk about her son and his wrongdoings to me, like stealing $470 from me. They consider that harassment because I was not invited over that I just showed up. Now that stupid protective order will forever ruin my life. I don't even care to see or talk to the woman. Why would I stalk her? The great state of Texas was fooled by her fake tears.

  2. Kayedwon Fearson who’s from Minnesota is the devil. She’s now in Houston, Texas. I started dating her and it was the 3 worst months of my life. She was super nice at first but very secretive. The whole time she was hiding the fact that she was a prostitute with a pimp and she had the pimp thinking I was a trick. When I asked her was this true she turned into the devil and threatened to kill me and my family if I didn’t continue to pay her bills. She keyed up my car and made several false police reports against me. Now the truth has come out once I googled her name. So everyone do your research first.

  3. let me put my 3 sense in HERE?....concerning BRANDON SUMMERLIN, and tell the TRUE STORY, about domestic violence and him spending almost 2 yrs. in PRISON??.....he was living with me~!!(his DAD) in CRESTVIEW, FLA....with a crazy woman, living across the street, and she heard us yelling and thought we were fighting?...called the law??....the next night he told her, she best tend to her business, she got a restraining order???....SHORT STORY LONG~!! HE VIOLATED, NEVER TOUCHED HER, SHE TOLD THE LAW, SOME WILD LIES??....SHE GOT EVICTED, HE WENT TO PRISON?....IT'S AMAZING WHAT BAD COPS & JUDGES, CAN GET AWAY WITH???? *****

    • I’m dealing with the same thing, right now in midland tx I never touched my x and been arrested two times for it and I have audio proof she hits me then hits her self and I’m still fighting to get my name cleared of her lies and get my personal property so I can move on with life! There has to be something that can be done with these crooked law system!

    • THIS IS "DAVID SUMMERLIN" REPLYING TO MYSELF ;......cause i just realized, that i'm 73 years old, and not gettin, any YOUNGER??.....and i'm madd as HELL, about the two+ years, that i lost, with my SON in prison, because of a HISPANIC, female states attorney, who was pregnant, miserable, mad at the world & GOD?.....and a pitiful excuse, for an attorney, who reprisented my KID??....and at the time, he went to prison, had a one year old SON, that is now, an 8 year old, awesome baseball player~!!!(thank you, JESUS)...ALL BECAUSE OF A MENTALLY ILL DEMON LADY, WHO LIED TO THE LAW & GOT AWAY WITH IT???....and this was, after her landlord, told the deputies, she was CRAZY~!!!(there's something, wrong with this PICTURE?) thank you, DAVID SUMMERLIN

  4. "THE SECOND REPLY ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" ;....cause i hate the thought of it??...and how many men, get away with it, is sickening?...i was married to the "LOVE OF MY LIFE" for 29 year's, and lost her, to a genectic, liver disease when she was 47~!!...and the main reason, we were together that long, is the fact i'm most proud of~!...I HAVE NEVER, HIT OR MISTREATED, what GOD created, for my pleasure???...WOMEN and DOG'S....and i raised my SON, just as i was?....and to think, he went to get his DOG, was seen, which violated a restraining order, by going to his own home??....and got him sent to PRISON, FOR NOTHING WRONG????(except, he couldn't afford a REAL attorney?)


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