Domestic Violence Story Four

I am writing you because I feel so alone. I have been in a violent marriage for 2 years and I am finally leaving him. Xxxxx, the abuser was put in jail one time for this already but he has yet to follow through with his domestic violence classes. Again on 10-30 he went crazy on me because He found out that I had cheated on him. He hit me in the face and kicked me in the ribs. Xxxxx took my car keys, my money, everything. I had twenty cents to my name. I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere. I went to a friends house but i still felt like he was going to find me and kill me. He wouldn't let me take my son either. I had no choice about that. My family knows of his abuse and says that I deserve it. I know I did the right thing by making another complaint. While these charges are pending Xxxxx will no let me see my son. he is total control. He doesn't want jared because he loves him he wants the "control". I feel like I am not goint to make it through this. all I know is that I left. If that makes me bad.... then I'm bad. I just wish I has my family here to support me then to bash me about what my ex husband did.

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