Tell Your Story

Tell Your Domestic Violence Story There is healing in telling your story. It seems that the healing comes in many ways. Some of it comes because feelings are released as you tell the story. Healing also comes because you gain a deeper understanding as you listen to yourself. In addition, others are healed as they ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story One

First of all I want to thank you for providing a website that offers help, insight and consolation. I've been in a very violent relationship for the past 2 years. The violence has continually escalated to its current state. I really feel within my heart that my boyfriend will eventually kill me. I don't know ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story Two

In the domestic violence story below a beautiful growth pattern that happens with a few people involved in domestic violence is illustrated. The first stage of the story comes when the person is in the heart of being abused in a domestic violence situation. In the second stage of the story, there is an evolution ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story Five

My name is not important-then again, I am not important. I have been literally swepted into this cloud I have allowed to be enveloped in for three years now. He frightens me, as he moves paper around the desk near me and makes loud drops of various pens, knowing it alarms my soul and makes ... Read more

Dove’s Story

After 14 years, I experienced physical, emotional and verbal abuse from my husband. I decided that enough was enough; and for the sake of my three children who were growing older, I needed to end the abusive marriage. After finally speaking up and saying, "no more!" to my abuser, I was able to get out. ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story Seven

I would like to let you know that there are a small number of people out there who are like me. I am an abusive man. I was psychologically abusive to someone who I cared about more than anything in the whole world, and I lost her because of it. I am currently seeking help ... Read more