Decoding Domestic Abuse in Minnesota

Domestic Violence Registry in Minnesota Minnesota's domestic violence registry stands as a beacon in the state's fight against domestic abuse. Discover the intricate details of this crucial tool and its impact on public safety. Explore how Minnesota's approach sets a precedent in addressing domestic violence. Domestic violence is a grave issue that affects countless lives. ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story Eight

I was about 24 when I got married. From the beginning, he yelled at me and pushed me around. I attended church and believed that once you got married, you stayed married, so I just kept letting him do it. Then one summer, after being married almost seven years, he held me down and was ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story Nine

I am a 40-year-old woman, who has been with my current boyfriend 2 1/2 years… Before, him, I was married to my "first love" for 15 years. Too young, would be our problem, fighting between us was there, not a lot of hitting, some, both ways... After our divorce, he lost it, I had to ... Read more

Charlottesville CEO Charged with Strangulation and Assault

Thomas Allen Carver, a 56-year-old resident of Albemarle County and founder of Harren Equity Partners based in Charlottesville, has been charged with strangulation, as well as assault and battery. "She said the forensic nurse reported that she had [broken] blood vessels and visible signs of throat damage," wrote a detective with the Albemarle County Police ... Read more

I grew up seeing domestic violence.

Despite my mom's narcissistic tendencies, it never justified my dad's physical aggression towards her. In turn, when my mom became upset from the altercations, I was the one who suffered her wrath. To clarify, this wasn't disciplinary action. It involved her consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, instructing me to undress, lie in the bathtub, ... Read more

The Domestic Violence Florida Database

Domestic Violence Florida Database, Information Received, Violence, Law Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Police, Crime, Data Introduction to the Domestic Violence Florida Database The Domestic Violence Florida Database is a comprehensive resource that serves as a centralized repository for information related to domestic violence incidents in the state of Florida. Explanation of the database's purpose and objectives ... Read more

Unveiling the Tragic Reality: A Deep Dive into Domestic Violence and its Fatal Consequences

Domestic violence remains an alarming issue plaguing our society, with devastating consequences that we cannot afford to ignore. In recent times, numerous incidents have shed light on the severity of this problem, particularly those involving women killed in acts of domestic violence. This article aims to delve into the harrowing reality of these incidents, exploring ... Read more


There is little context accompanying the video that abruptly opens, showing the unidentified white man angrily walking toward the counter that separates Popeyes customers from workers, one of whom was filming the encounter. While holding a phone to his ear, the white man, who is clearly very upset, demands a “refund” for his food. Colton ... Read more