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9 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Idaho (ID)”

  1. I know you havent had it easy, i was sorry to hear about your dad, hoping you are ok,would enjoy hearing from you

  2. Sorry to hear about Billy. I did not know til a couple of months ago that he had passed away. Michelle (Missy) his niece told me that he died from stomach cancer. I think I talked to you sometime back about him being in prison again. I am his half-sister from his mother. My name is Phyllis Seiter Gaffney. My birth mother was Gloria Hennerich Oser and she was Billy's mother also. My father was David Gerald Boone from Kentucky and he died in a jeep accident before I was born, so I was given up for adoption. I remember the last time I talked to Billy and he was trying to get released on what he called a bogus charge of domestic abuse. Then all of sudden I never heard from him again. You have my condolences on your loss.

  3. Hey brother. Been trying to get a hold of you. I'm sorry to hear about your dad passing. Mine just passed in March. If you see this hit me up.


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