ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – North Dakota (ND)

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN NORTH DAKOTA is intentional intimidation, physical violence, battery, sexual assault and/or other abusive behavior committed by one intimate partner towards another. The frequency and severity of domestic violence can vary greatly.

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Burleigh  Williams 

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North Dakota has a significant Native American population. Native Americans commit violent crimes two and a half times more often than the national average

7 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – North Dakota (ND)”

  1. He has another one too now added. Beat his ex after backdooring her from a company they started together while having an affair on her. Poor thing had just lost their daughter a few months prior and was oblivious to all he was doing. She was working her ass off to get their company off the ground and to keep her head on straight, I couldn’t imagine losing a child myself, and while she worked he partied at the bars in Killdeer, spread rumors about their daughter not being his and made her sound as if she was some terrible person who just wouldn’t leave the house they bought together. He ended up stranding her out of state after beating her this last time- breaking her nose, orbital socket, chest plate and multiple ribs. This man is the worst and deserves to be put away. And instead all he is being charged with is a simple domestic violence charge because he continues to harass and stalk the poor thing and she is too scared to go forward with the case that the state, not her, brought on.

  2. This Clancey Lonefight character seems to know the system incredibly well. I am noticing a pattern of him convincing the judge to drop his domestic violence charges - if he pleads guilty to the many other charges that follow. This fellow is not safe to be walking the streets of any community. If you know him or are familiar with him, he is extremely clever, he is smart, he is narcissistic to his core. He uses his good looks and charm to captivate any individual whom he encounters. He is a predator and preys on young girls who are either drug addicted, or with his help soon to be. His pattern is to use drugs to gain control and make them mentally weak and fearful. I've seen this too many times where his victims are unavailable for question, because while in the heat of the moment they are extremely fearful to talk and so beat down mentally and physically that they are simply unavailable.

    I wish there were more that we could do to make this individual accountable for his crimes! It's a shame to go back and look at how many times he's been let free and slapped on the wrist for his lengthy - never-ending criminal history - along with his habitual, yet unmentioned domestic violence background.

    It seems to me that the courts are simply waiting for this individual to kill someone. We need to hold him accountable! Let's do better to protect all people of our state who could be a potential victim in this man's hands.

  3. "Native Americans commit violent crimes two and a half times more often than the national average"

    Native Americans are profiled, targeted, and arrested without cause three times more often than the national average. FTFY.

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