Real Life Case Studies with Criminal Domestic Violence – Carl

Carl and his girlfriend Lily got pregnant by accident. At least Carl thought it was an accident. They really didn't fit together. They had completely different values and ideas about parenting. And they both had explosive tempers. But Lily had a real mean streak running through her. They both did things they shouldn't have done ... Read more

Domestic Violence

Helping Both Victims of Domestic Violence and Those Falsely Accused of Domestic ViolenceGet Justice in Domestic Violence, Criminal and Family Court. You've just been formally, legally accused of domestic violence. You're stunned. You have no criminal record whatsoever. You haven't done anything. You may be the real victim of domestic violence. But you never called ... Read more

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Domestic Violence Story There is healing in telling your story. It seems that the healing comes in many ways. Some of it comes because feelings are released as you tell the story. Healing also comes because you gain a deeper understanding as you listen to yourself. In addition, others are healed as they ... Read more

Domestic Violence Story One

First of all I want to thank you for providing a website that offers help, insight and consolation. I've been in a very violent relationship for the past 2 years. The violence has continually escalated to its current state. I really feel within my heart that my boyfriend will eventually kill me. I don't know ... Read more