Remembering Nancy Jarman Davis

Nancy Jarman Davis, 51, a mother of three, died December 17, 2004, in Onslow County, North Carolina.  She was fatally shot by her former boyfriend one day after informing him that she was leaving after temporarily returning to his home to help him get through a serious illness.  He said he shot her accidentally, and ... Read more

Remembering Amanda Remmers

Amanda Remmers, 21, died June 22, 2009, in Kansas City, Kansas. She was fatally shot in a quadruple homicide by a 37-year-old man she had known just a few weeks.  Amanda had decided to discontinue dating him when she learned more about him, and he became severely abusive.  On the day Amanda died, he had ... Read more

Remembering Sheila Darlene Leighty

Sheila Darlene Leighty (maiden name), 46, died December 31, 1995, in Nashville, Tennessee. Here is her story, as told by her daughter, Michelle Abbey Prescott: My Mother was a beautiful, kind and wonderful lady. She enjoyed dancing, reading, making ceramics, fishing and snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn and an old movie – her ... Read more

Police Arrest Teen | Public school in Seattle, Washington

On December 13th, police were called to Rainier Beach High School in Seattle, Washington after receiving reports of a potential school shooting threat. In response, the school was evacuated and classes were cancelled the following day. Upon further investigation, police learned that a 17-year-old suspect, who is not a student at Seattle Public Schools, was ... Read more

Real Life Case Studies with Criminal Domestic Violence – Carl

Carl and his girlfriend Lily got pregnant by accident. At least Carl thought it was an accident. They really didn't fit together. They had completely different values and ideas about parenting. And they both had explosive tempers. But Lily had a real mean streak running through her. They both did things they shouldn't have done ... Read more