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• 35.8% of women in Wyoming1 and 35.8% of men in Wyoming2 experience intimate partner physical violence,
intimate partner sexual violence, and/or intimate partner stalking in their lifetimes.
• In 2014, 2,592 domestic violence incidents were reported to law enforcement. Many other incidents went
unreported. Although this number is comparatively small, it is important to recognize Wyoming is the least
populous state in the nation.
• 56% of reported incidents resulted in arrests.
• On a single day in 2014, Wyoming domestic violence programs served 279 victims.
• An estimated 20.6% of Wyoming women are stalked in their lifetimes.
• 10.3% of Wyoming high school students have reported being intentionally physically hurt by a dating partner
in the past year.
• Half of Wyoming domestic violence femicides are committed with firearms.

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