Domestic Violence Story Eight

I was about 24 when I got married. From the beginning, he yelled at me and pushed me around. I atttended church and believed that once you got married, you stayed married so I just kept letting him do it. Then one summer, after being married almost seven years, he held me down and was not going let me leave for work. I finally got away and after letting my job know what had happened, checked into a shelter for abused women. I still fell guilty, thinking maybe that is not abuse, that is as far as it would go or maybe I should have stayed and tried to work it out. I went back once but after realizing he would not change, I have went on with my life. He did let me leave with one of the cars, the one that was broke but then had it repossed. I now have my own car and my own life. I am a full time college student, I want to be a teacher, and found this website while during reasearch for an English paper. I have a life without him and all the things we had together.


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