ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Ohio (OH)

Under Ohio law, you can be charged with domestic violence for allegedly harming or threatening harm to a family member or household member. This is broadly defined as any person who currently lives with you or previously lived with you.

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  1. Why are you curious about this case? Cause i am too. Im curious just wanna make sure we are talking about the same case. Call or text 440 379 0222

  2. You are all wrong. Marry is a great kind and loving woman. She just when through a bad time in her life. She is doing awesome now. Learn the whole story and get to know the person before you so carelessly spew you vile venom.

  3. Agreed, However, Kody has issues as well and we need to underatnd thoses issues and help him BEFORE he strikes again.

  4. She sure af isn’t a real nurse lmao she about to graduate w her LPN but she broke HIPPA a few years back and been fired from a ton of doctors offices sooooooo

  5. Ashley N. Ayers not only stole 20K from a drawer in her employer's home health home in Sandusky, OH, but she was never prosecuted on that and other theft charges even after a confession. A very slippery young female who was just arrested May 2021 for Heroin possession as well.

  6. Christopher travis mcandrew. Was arrested yesterday on a hit and run felony. Left scene of pedestrian hit and died,

  7. thats my dad i freaking socked but i do remember him getting arestted when i was 3 that was really scary he was choking my auntie Paradise R Thomas and i was really scared she was cryig so much

  8. Usually it's because of a mentally disorder, and rather than call the sheriff or even threaten the person, you call the squad, send them to a mental hospital.

  9. Its suck be arrested for domestic when she played a actor an lie just to take the place an mess around an take everything

  10. The record for Mark Richard Reda should be updated. He was convicted of menacing in December 2021 for beating up his ex. He also injured me and smashed in my bedroom door as I hid from him in December 2022.

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