Our mission is to be an on-line, national resource that will aid in the awareness and prevention of domestic and family violence by posting the convictions of domestic abuse perpetrators and those offenders who have long term criminal orders of protections placed against them, and to provide comprehensive education about technology based programs, prevention, safety, and intervention models relating to domestic violence.

Our Motto With a motto of “Our Knowledge Helps Save Lives”, we believe that NDVR is another tool that informs and empowers the public while acting as an aid in deterring domestic violence related assaults and crimes. The importance of this measure is historic at best. We believe those who have a history of domestic violence should be made known to the public as those who have a pattern of abuse very rarely stop and continue their abuse onto more victims.

The National ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR) is a non-profit (formerly The Weaker Vessel an advocacy group) that was founded in 2007 by Executive Director, Myra Spearman. NDVR has now grown into NDVR Coalition Tasks Forces and working groups in the United States. NDVR is the first national database model for domestic violence convictions available to the public.

Modeled after The National Sex Offender Registry program, NDVR provides the conviction records of offenders, both men and women, who have been found guilty of domestic violence and domestic violence related offenses such as physical battering, stalking, criminal confinement, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic violence based sex offenses, etc. We provide this data free of charge and to the general public with records continuously being added daily.

Social networking has exploded and now more than ever before, individuals are using the internet as a social meeting place. Thus the increase of social networking has also allowed predators who may normally be socially inept to hide behind the internet veil of secrecy, creating a predatory environment and increasing the incidences of teen dating violence, domestic and family violence. Thus NDVR and its developing programs will become a needed and trusted resource. NDVR will continue to include domestic violence related convictions from across the country as well as long term orders of protection in an effort to provide additional awareness to the general public of offenders with a history of abuse.

NDVR won the Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center’s Award from the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana for its creation and holds a lifetime membership with the Society of Innovators.