Florida Woman Survives Multiple Gunshot Wounds in Domestic Violence Shooting

A woman in Florida was shot multiple times, including in the head, before seeking help from a neighbor. The incident occurred in Seminole, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

The woman was discovered at her neighbor's house with several gunshot wounds. It was revealed that she had been shot by a family member from a house across the street. The suspect remained inside and refused to surrender when the SWAT team arrived.

After about seven hours, law enforcement officers entered the house and found the suspect with a gunshot wound to the head. He was later pronounced dead.

The investigation revealed that the shooting was related to domestic violence, and the victim and the suspect had been arguing before the incident. The woman showed incredible resilience as she was shot multiple times but managed to walk to her neighbor's house and inform them of what had happened.

According to the woman's fiancé, she had been living with the suspect, who was her ex-boyfriend, because they both owned the house. She had been waiting for him to find a new place to live. The fiancé recounted how he heard the argument on the phone before the shooting, with the woman pleading for the suspect to return the phone.

The woman is currently in stable condition, according to a spokesperson from the sheriff's office.

Arrest Records Database - Seminole County, Florida

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