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Domestic violence is a serious criminal charge in Virginia. A conviction for domestic violence can result in jail time, fines, and restrictions on contacting the other person even after being released. Even an arrest for domestic violence can harm someone's reputation despite the fact that they were never convicted.

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10 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Virginia (VA)”

  1. Multiple violations and convictions of domestic violence against wife that on file with the courts with current protective order in place

  2. I Am Dustin Bonitatis and wife lied about me to police and I was told because i was big guy i was guilty she lied about me in 2019 and i almost faced 15 years!! She admitted to court that she lied About everything!

    • Jacob is violent I was his girlfriend in 2020-2021. He has a two year protective order on him as of rn. For beating on me while carrying our son and after. He's a evil person.

      • Jacob Ingros? I dated him as well. In 2018-2019. He put me in the hospital with a concussion, he's an extreme alcoholic capable of killing someone someday.

  3. Nicholas Billingsley has been charged since he was 13 for violent offenses ranging from holding Hanover juvenile facility hostage to carrying a gun as a convicted felon and domestic violence multiple times. He even held his family hostage at Thanksgiving and had to be shot with rubber bullets! Yet he is continually released after only six months or a year.

  4. In lue of an pursuit of 19.2 charges null processed only later to have domestic stupidity planning is my guess my charges were null process and that gives no just cause to meaningful purpose for the protection order and the letter from the health department showing baby a and baby b belonging to someone other than husbands bill of sale shows all contents mine before the marriage I want investigation into the enter santrumb and and coraspoding checks and paperwork for all financial being irs already gives just cause by a re issuance of one stimulus check it’s fraudulent affairs and unlawful detection in pursuit of a 19.2 wreckless endangerment of a child her pre planning and adulterous act give reason Stephanie Lynn Wilson emf v. Christopher Wilson


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