Real Life Case Studies with Criminal Domestic Violence – Martin

Martin and his wife Ramona were in the middle of a particularly nasty divorce. Although Martin had already moved out, he returned to the house to pick up some things when Ramona was there.

They got into a heated argument. Ramona, the drama queen, then created the main scene, which attracted the attention of all the neighbors and caused their hostility to Martin.

Ramona then filed for a temporary restraining order against Martin. When he was served, Martin was scared to death.

He knew that all of Ramona's neighbors were on her side. Ramona had already blocked his time sharing as much as she could.

Martin was very worried that this maneuver on Ramona's part would completely tear him away from the children. Martin didn't want to take any chances.

Martin hired a domestic violence restraining order attorney to defend himself against the protective order.

Ramona's lawyer didn't expect Martin to have a domestic violence lawyer representing him in domestic violence court. Up to that point, the lawyer had been running the entire divorce show because Martin hadn't hired a divorce lawyer.

After my brief conversation with Ramona's lawyer, he received a loud and clear message that Ramona was not going to have her way with Martin in domestic violence court. And Ramona wasn't going to look very good in front of the judge… who will ultimately decide how to allocate time.

Ramona immediately dropped her domestic violence case, and the Domestic Violence Court rejected her domestic violence protection order.

And not only that, but while everyone was at the courthouse, Martin and I made some progress in getting Ramona to agree to visit him again with her children now that these domestic violence allegations have been cleared up.

Martin couldn't be happier.

NOTE: Each case is different. The fact that Martin has achieved such a result does not mean that your case will be a success.

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