Real Life Case Studies with Criminal Domestic Violence – Oscar

Oscar was a quiet, gentle, guileless man who had never been in trouble in his life. It just wasn't his style.

Oscar had some serious physical problems for a young man, which sometimes caused fleeting changes in behavior, until he took the medicine and it "worked."

One night Oscar didn't realize it at the time, but he had gone too long without his medicine.

He felt as lousy as he had ever felt in his life, and he had been dealing with this chronic disease since childhood.

For whatever reason, his wife Maria got into some real or imaginary situation and did not pay attention to the fact that Oscar was really sick.

Instead, she became more and more angry at his complete silence (and apparent indifference) and straddled him harder and harder.

Oscar's head was splitting… and the relentless onslaught of Maria's screams really didn't help. If only she'd shut up.

Oscar almost fainted… and I woke up on my first night in prison, after an official visit to the hospital for treatment and medication.

Oscar was terrified. What the hell happened?

Oscar couldn't remember. But Maria finally found out the whole truth.

Oscar and Maria just wanted to start over and put it behind them, confident that it would never happen again.

I explained to Oscar and Maria the procedure of criminal proceedings. And the thought of testifying in a criminal court was unbearable for Maria, not to mention Oscar.

Seeing how things were going with them, I explained to Oscar that it might be possible to avoid trial and continue my life without a guilty verdict left in Oscar's record.

Oscar was more than happy to attend some classes in his spare time and take a probationary period in exchange for the fact that the state would eventually give up its business. Oscar and Maria were both determined that nothing like this would ever happen to them again.

Oscar and Maria were thrilled when I was able to make this particular deal for Oscar.

The relationship between Oscar and Maria only strengthened after this incident. So later I was able to erase all traces of Oscar's arrest and his criminal past.

For all intents and purposes, it was as if it had never happened.

NOTE: Each case is different. The fact that Oscar has achieved such a result does not mean that your case will be a success.

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