Real Life Case Studies with Criminal Domestic Violence – Carl

Carl and his girlfriend Lily got pregnant by accident. At least Carl thought it was an accident.

They really didn't fit together. They had completely different values and ideas about parenting.

And they both had explosive tempers. But Lily had a real mean streak running through her.

They both did things they shouldn't have done during their relationship and Lily's pregnancy. But now they were fighting in South Florida over custody of their little daughter.

One day, Lily lost her temper for a moment and really went after Carl. Also caused some damage.

Lily was eventually arrested for her problems. Carl won the primary time allocation on a time basis. Although Lily was not very inclined to motherhood, she did not like that Carl had their daughter more than she did.

As soon as Carl and Lily broke up, Lily realized that she had few connections with society. She has decided to move in with relatives a few hundred miles north of Carl and their daughter while she rebuilds.

She obviously realized that she'd better do something to tip the scales in her favor in their custody battle, or Carl can keep the primary time-sharing-or more.

Lily decided to apply for an injunction against domestic violence against Carl in her new community a few hundred miles to the north.

Carl had a seizure. Everyone who could stand up for him lived in South Florida, just like their daughter and him.

He knew that they would really have to ask a lot to make this big trip over the weekend-and miss a working day on Monday into the bargain.

Carl has hired an injunction lawyer to defend himself in domestic violence court.

He advised Karl that it really wasn't necessary. And he got this court to overturn Lily's restraining order.

And that's how it happened. Lily didn't even have the opportunity to testify against Carl with her lies.

And Carl didn't have to testify either. A judge in the north rejected Lily's protection order for purely legal reasons.

And Carl was a very happy father.

NOTE: Each case is different. The fact that Karl has achieved such a result does not mean that your case will be a success.

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