ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Maine (ME)

To find out if your boyfriend has been accused of domestic violence in the past, you can take the following steps:

Public Records Search: Conduct a public records search online to see if any public information is available regarding domestic violence accusations or charges against your boyfriend. Start by visiting the official website of the state of Maine or its local county websites, as they may provide access to court records or criminal history.

Court Records Search: Look for any court records related to your boyfriend by visiting the website of the Maine Judicial Branch. They may offer online access to court records, allowing you to search for any domestic violence cases involving your boyfriend. You may need to provide specific details like his full name and date of birth to narrow down the search.

Protection Orders Registry: Check the Protection Orders Registry in Maine, which lists active protection orders issued by the courts. This registry can provide information about any active orders against your boyfriend related to domestic violence or restraining orders. You can contact the Maine Judicial Branch or search their website for more information on accessing this registry.

Police Department: Contact the local police department where your boyfriend resides and inquire about obtaining information related to domestic violence accusations. They may have specific procedures in place for releasing such information, and they can guide you on how to proceed with your inquiry.

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Christopher Kelley Patten
Bond: $400
Arrest Age 45
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Arrested Jun 06, 2015
• domestic violence terrorizing
Patten Christopher - Lincoln County, Maine
Timothy James Peaslee
Bond: $250
Arrest Age 21
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Arrested May 07, 2015
• mot. to revoke bail
• domestic violence assault
Peaslee Timothy - Lincoln County, Maine
Jason Brant Perkins
Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 30
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Arrested Dec 14, 2014
• mot. to revoke bail
• domestic violence assault
Perkins Jason - Lincoln County, Maine
Ernest Edward Pinkham
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 63
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Arrested Feb 10, 2015
• domestic violence assault
• obstructing government administration
Pinkham Ernest - Lincoln County, Maine
Nikolas Ariin Poland
Arrest Age 23
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Arrested May 09, 2015
• criminal mischief
• domestic violence assault
• domestic violence criminal threatening
• obstructing report of crime
Poland Nikolas - Lincoln County, Maine

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Domestic Partner Registry P.L. 2003, c. 672, enacted by the Legislature and signed into law on April 28, 2004, establishes the concept of domestic partners in Maine law. Under the law, registered domestic partners are accorded a legal status similar to that of a married person with respect to matters of probate, guardian ships, conservatorships, inheritance, protection from abuse, and related matters. The legislation establishes a Domestic Partner Registry housed within the Division of Health Systems, Maine CDC vital records office. A Division of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

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  1. How do I put a name on the maine Washington county and Hancock county domestic violence registry? He has been convicted and found quilts in both counties in the past, and seems to leave a trail as he travels from state to state. Christopher William Dempsey is his name, as a repeat victim of his abuse I think this registry is a very important asset for many.

  2. Hi. I'm on here but was found not guilty as I accidentally scratched victim while he broke my neck. I was trying to protect myself. I have brushes around my neck and black eyes from strangulation and it cost me 50,000 dollars to get surgery. I was fou d not guilty. The report said, unconscious girl was strangled and struggled. Im not an offender. I almost died and git a spinal cord injury


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