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Charles Robert Maxcy
Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 28
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Arrested Mar 05, 2015
• criminal mischief
• domestic violence assault
Maxcy Charles - Lincoln County, Maine
Kimberly Ann Maxcy
Bond: $2000
Arrest Age 50
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Arrested Sep 09, 2015
• domestic violence assault
Maxcy Kimberly - Lincoln County, Maine
Tylor Andrew Miller
Arrest Age 20
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Arrested May 05, 2015
• domestic violence assault
• domestic violence terrorizing
Miller Tylor - Lincoln County, Maine
Luke Samuel Morse
Arrest Age 22
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Arrested Mar 17, 2015
• domestic violence assault
Morse Luke - Lincoln County, Maine
Sarah Jean Morse
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 31
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Arrested Aug 10, 2015
• domestic violence assault
Morse Sarah - Lincoln County, Maine

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  1. How do I put a name on the maine Washington county and Hancock county domestic violence registry? He has been convicted and found quilts in both counties in the past, and seems to leave a trail as he travels from state to state. Christopher William Dempsey is his name, as a repeat victim of his abuse I think this registry is a very important asset for many.


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