ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Maine (ME)

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV)
The member resource centers of the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence together serve the sixteen
counties in Maine and provide a range of direct services to assist people affected by abuse. You can call the statewide 24-hour toll-free and confidential domestic abuse helpline (1-866-834-HELP) to
connect with a local advocate in your community day or night.
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Name Arrest Photo
Ryan Christopher Ackerman
Arrest Age 28
More Information
Arrested Jul 22, 2015
☑ domestic violence assault
Ackerman Ryan - Lincoln County, Maine
Benjamin Kurtis Ard
Arrest Age 29
More Information
Arrested Aug 02, 2015
☑ mot. to revoke bail
☑ domestic violence assault
Ard Benjamin - Lincoln County, Maine
Christopher Sheldon Ashton
Bond: $2000
Arrest Age 23
More Information
Arrested Feb 15, 2015
☑ domestic violence terrorizing
Ashton Christopher - Lincoln County, Maine

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