Real Life Case Studies with Criminal Domestic Violence – Janie

Janie and her roommate Tim had a stormy relationship. Tim was very bossy and domineering, even though they lived in Janie's house and she paid all the bills.

Tim insulted Janie more than once. But getting Tim out of her house was more than Janie had been able to do so far.

But now Tim had gone too far by robbing her. Fueled by anger, Janie demanded that Tim move out.

Tim could tell that something had changed this time, but he refused to move out. He had nowhere to go-and he had no money and a child who sometimes stayed with them.

Janie told Tim that he was making a big mistake. That's when Tim picked up the phone and called 911.

Tim has been on the block and had his share of run-ins with the law. He was no stranger to the "system."

While Janie was staring blankly, Tim "hit" himself in the face to create a bruise. And the bruise did it.

When the police arrived, Tim brought charges of criminal domestic violence against Janie, in particular, criminal domestic violence, misconduct.

And the cops took Janie out of her house-and left Tim in her house. This can't be happening!

Janie was kind of protected, and she was beside herself after spending the weekend in jail. It wasn't for her.

But Janie was also angry and wanted to be acquitted, acquitted.

Janie has hired a domestic violence criminal defense attorney to defend herself in criminal court.

After Janie's arraignment, things went even better than she had hoped. The state dropped its case even before she was formally charged.

Despite her righteous anger, Janie was happy and relieved that it was over, especially since she had been acquitted.

NOTE: Each case is different. The fact that Janie has achieved such a result does not mean that your case will be like this.

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    • Doesn’t matter they don’t enforce it. It should be mandatory for any person who has a SV battery ect to be on this list but Indiana is a joke


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