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A domestic violence registry is a searchable database of individuals convicted of domestic violence. It is free and open to the public, similar to sex offender registries that exist in most states. The registry includes information such as the name, birth date, address, a physical description and recent photograph of the offender, a list of offenses for which the offender was convicted, and the date of each offense.

Domestic violence registries enable an individual to look up potential partners to make sure they do not have a domestic violence history. According to experts, domestic abusers often woo and charm their victims at the beginning of the courtship. The registry allows individuals to learn more about someone before the relationship becomes abusive. In addition, it allows domestic violence survivors to know the whereabouts of their former abuser.


  1. I am a male in a domestic violence shelter and have been discriminated by most all the resources that are available here in hawaii from police to investors to prosecutor because of my either gender or race or my criminal history, men get abused as well most just ignore it because of ego. But is dose happen is there help for us because abuse is abuse. Please help me I've been doing everything within the guidelines of it and it doesn't seem fair that my abuser because of her being a female I am still being look at as the abuser because of me being male.

  2. Why are the most populated counties in Minnesota not available: Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington counties? It seems like a useless database if most offenders won't be able to be looked up due to the huge chunk of data missing.

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