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Azim M Abdul-Ahad
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Arrested Jan 16, 2020
• battery
• disorderly conduct
• bail jumping - misdemeanor
• bail jumping - felony
• possession of cocaine/base
• intim victim dissuade complai
• dom abuse contact prov viol
• possess narcotic/anal
David Jencarlos Plaza Antuna
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Arrested Dec 10, 2019
• bail jumping - felony
• vio domestic abuse injunction
Antuna David - Dane County, Wisconsin

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Arrest: The booking and fingerprinting of a suspect for an alleged offense that is included on a case. The arresting offense may be a domestic abuse offense; however, the arrest may instead be related to another type of offense. The arrest may occur at the time of the incident or after the initial incident occurred.
Does mandatory arrest reduce domestic violence?
I found that intimate partner homicides increased by about 60 percent in states with mandatory arrest laws. These results may be due to changes in the reporting behavior of victims in response to the certainty of arrest.

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