ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – New York (NY)

In New York, proposed House Bill 7275 would have established a domestic violence registration act. Like the Texas legislation, it would require individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence at least three times to register as a repeat offender. In addition, it would charge offenders with the duty to notify law enforcement officials of any change in address, establish a special telephone number the public could call to inquire whether a particular person was on the list, and require a public awareness campaign to advise the public of the registry. The bill died in the Corrections Committee.

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4 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – New York (NY)”

  1. I was wondering why a domestic violence abuser might not appear on this list. Specifically, I did not see my abuser in the NJ list and wanted to know why that might be.

  2. How are people added to the list? And what can we do to re-start a bill to make it a requirement for abusers to be on a registry

  3. What a shame the amount of repeat offenders that keep getting released. Victims end up senselessly dead because they won't implement a law to keep track of how many offenses. How many victims does there have to be? And how many lives lost?

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