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Utah domestic violence is a criminal offense characterized by violence, physical harm, or threat of violence or physical harm committed by one cohabitant.
People who are convicted of crimes of domestic violence in Utah more than once are subject to increased punishment for subsequent offenses.(Utah Code § § 77-36-1, 77-36-1.1.)

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Raymond Luis Zisumbo
Bond: $1070
Arrest Age 49
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Arrested Mar 23, 2019
• assault
• interruption/interference of a communications device
• domestic violence in the presence of a child
• criminal mischief
• intoxication
Zisumbo Raymond - Weber County, Utah
Derek Zuniga
Arrest Age 32
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Arrested Apr 07, 2017
• threat/use of dangerous weapon in fight
• dom viol in the presence of a child
• transaction of dangerous weapon by class i restricted person
• criminal mischief
• aggravated assault
• violation of protective order
• vi

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5 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Utah (UT)”

  1. Mariah Schroeder is a seriously dangerous individual who is on the run currently in Missouri. If you see her, contact police immediately.

  2. Justin REYNOLDS of Utah/Idaho is a highly dangerous individual who was able to manipulate a jury into believing he was innocent. He was released from jail after strangling and threatening to murder a woman and her children. Please be vigilant of this monster!

  3. You’re missing a major person. How about Christopher Reed 2/7/91. 15 charges 1 victim. 9 protective order violations. Suffocated victim left her for dead in snowbank and then broke into her residence in Clinton utah 3 days later and assaulted her- leading to swat having to come in and arrest him. Just happened January 2022. Reed also just was released from prison after doing a 11 yrs due to shooting a 5yr old, 4 yr old and their father in a drive by shooting. Definitely think you should have this man listed!

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