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Marion Wayne Anderson
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Arrested Nov 23, 2019
• simple domestic violence

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Domestic violence happens in every community. In an effort to prevent or reduce the incidence of domestic violence, the South Carolina Department of Social Services provides grants to local shelters and contracts with community agencies throughout the state. Through these grants and contracts the goal of the Domestic Violence Program is prevention and the provision of emergency services.

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  1. Hello. I was abused by this man before multiple times and had called police for some of the encounters I had and they “couldn’t do anything unless I called more than 3 times” this man is out and still beating woman, taking their belongings, and controlling them beyond my imagination.

    • Good question. If he/she did or didn't pass, would any one with any common sense use this site as a way to locate a deceased loved one? Kind of creepy the way people just expect certain answers on a google search or web site. #CommonSense

    • Hello Tanya are you looking for a Paul Baylock ?
      My other sister and I have been searching for a child my brother has that we have no clue who she is.

    • Unsure if you are searching for a Paul Baylock. He is my brother. My sister and I have been looking for a daughter he has. He is still alive if it is my brother. You can contact me on here.

      • It is urgent I get in touch with you. People's lives are in mortal danger. It is important and beyond urgent that I find Chris Bull.


        Please PLEASE reach out. I have information on this man that might benefit us all

    • Oh my God are you really talking about Travis drillberry age 35 living in Anderson South Carolina for real my God if you are reach out to me on Facebook I'm Lindsay Justice Jesus Christ I've been with the dude for September will be 13 years and he's done the same thing to me for this long now still doing it to this day it's unbelievable I can't believe this

  2. no he is my dad and my mom is a crazy person she cold the cops after he asked her to make pb&j and she throw a pan at him and we were about to go to a game of some sort like baseball or something while he had a little bit of homework to do

    • Kaiden, I was surprised to see this reply because I believed Dowell only had 1 child and that child is being adopted by me. I would be very interested in connecting with you.

  3. Does he drive a Silverado? One registered to a man with this same name was involved in a hit and run on Sunday 6/6/2021....the police are looking for the vehicle.

  4. Does anyone know any information about Perry Mitchell? I’m his daughter I haven’t been in contact with him since I was two years old I’m 18 now

  5. Christina Joanna Hill from Taylors, SC should be on here. But Greenville County Sheriffs Office is a bunch of racist white supremacists. So when her ex blk BF called the cops on her for DV, they hemmed him up. And continued to harass him. Even almost killed him. But America ain't racist Tim Scott? SC is

  6. David Gilchrist has been abusing women since 2009. He lies and tells people he is from Russia and is an the navy and all kinda of other things.he is a drug addict and a violent drunk.he has charges of felonious nature dating back to 2009 also. he also continues to drink and use drugs and is still harassing his ex wife.

    • I have a similar story...dated him for less than a year and got two CDV charges on me..Davidson gilchrist is truly a danger to all women and children. He has 3 CDVS and I have no clue how he's not in prison

  7. All this under Carla Michelle Wells name? Hmmmm. She's missing so if anyone has seen her please call Lexington Co Sheriffs Dept in SC. Her mother passed away and Carla's daughter is looking for her.


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