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These are links to national as well as local resources for more information about domestic violence.

World Wide Web Resources

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence - The National Coalition is dedicated to the empowerment of battered women and their children and therefore is committed to the elimination of personal and societal violence in the lives of battered women and their children.
Communities Against Violence Network - An online database of information, and a virtual community of over 950 professionals from the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
National Network to End Domestic Violence - Here you’ll find news and information for advocates about domestic violence. Get the national perspective on legislation and public policy, advocates in the news; training, conference and employment opportunities; and other important issues for domestic violence advocates, policy makers, and others who encounter domestic violence in their work.
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse - A huge resource direcoty of information related to Violence and Abuse.

Resource on teen dating violence and everything parents need to know.

Local Resources

No matter the time or place, no one is ever prepared to be sexually harassed. It can be one of the most alienating feelings for victims, and most of the time there can be a feeling of having nowhere to turn for support after such a traumatic experience. Safety and some type of stability should always be the number one priority, but building yourself up with valuable information should be next.

We created this guide, What is Considered Sexual Assault? A Guide on Sexual Assault, as an opportunity to shed light on some of the most common questions we hear from victims, such as:

What Is Considered Sexual Assault?
Is Sexual Assault Considered Rape?
What Are My Rights After A Sexual Assault incident?

Family Allies Network - Family Allies Network is for activists, advocates, and allies working to end family violence in Lane County. Features an on-line discussion forum and an extensive calendar and list of resources.
Domestic Violence Council - Participants in the Lane County Domestic Violence Council include survivors, social service agencies, policy makers, law enforcement personnel, and concerned citizens.
CCR Project - The Coordinated Community Response to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence is a county-wide project funded by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, a branch of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

General Links

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women - The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence has developed resources that address teen dating violence as a part of its new public education campagin.
Dating Violence, It Is Your Business - The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence has developed resources that address teen dating violence as a part of its new public education campagin.
Department of Human Services - Adult and Family Services, Domestic Violence Intervention Resources

People with Disabilities

Disability Services ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) - This organization has developed a new training guide and accompanying resource kit to help battered women’s advocates reach battered women with disabilities.

Family Resources

Family Violence Prevention Fund - The Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) works to end domestic violence and help women and children whose lives are devastated by abuse, because every person has a right to live in a home free of violence. The FVPF challenges lawmakers to take this issue seriously, educates judges to protect all victims of abuse, and advocates for laws to help battered immigrant women. The FVPF helps health care providers and employers identify and aid victims of abuse, and shows all Americans how to join the effort to end domestic violence. FVPF programs and policies have won countless awards and been replicated around the world.
Stop Family Violence Site - A Internet resource for stopping family violence.

We've listened to all of our FaceBook responses and have incorporated our list based on your success with the following domestic violence resources. We're listing them because according to our Facebook followers, these programs offered sincere and lasting assistance for those who are desperately trying to leave their abusive relationships.

Chicago, Illinois - Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Chicago, Illinois - Family Rescue 

Evansville, Indiana - Holly's House

Evansville, Indiana - Albion Fellows Bacon Center

Las Vegas, Nevada - Safe Nest

MetroWest, New Jersey - The Rachel Coalition

Middlesex, New Jersey - Women Aware

New York - Safe Horizons

New York - Sanctuary for Women

North Carolina - Durham Crisis and Response Center

Oregon - Saving Grace

St. Louis, Missouri -

http://www.alivestl.org/    -  Alive- free counseling for domestic violence, physical, sexual and emotional. Emergency shelter program.

http://safeconnections.org/  -     Safe Connections-free counseling for domestic violence, physical, sexual, emotional, dating violence.

Safe places for women in abusive relationships. Locations confidential.  Call daily for availability.

http://www.twsh.org/     -     The Woman’s Safe House

http://saintmarthas.org/     -     St. Martha’s Hall

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