ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Oklahoma (OK)

The Oklahoma Violent Crime Offender Registry provides information to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. For more information, services for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Oklahoma.
In Oklahoma, information about domestic violence incidents or offenders might be available through the criminal justice system, law enforcement agencies, or victim services organizations. However, accessing such information may require specific legal procedures, and certain details might be restricted to protect the privacy of victims and individuals involved.

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Bryan Tyler Padgett
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Arrested Sep 07, 2019
• *see notes* domestic a&b by strangulation f (simple assault)
Padgett Bryan - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Rosalio Enrique Padilla
Arrest Age 20
More Information >>>
Arrested Aug 05, 2019
• domestic a&b by strangulation f (simple assault)
Padilla Rosalio - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Cook Jo Pamela
More Information >>>
Arrested Jul 23, 2019
• domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Pamela Cook - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Justin Tyler Parvin
Arrest Age 25
More Information >>>
Arrested Nov 28, 2019
• malicious injury/destruction of property m
• domestic a&b in presence of minor f m (simple assault)
Parvin Justin - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Kathy Bell Patton
Bond: $3000
Arrest Age 70
More Information >>>
Arrested Oct 28, 2019
• domestic assault and battery w/deadly weapon
Patton Kathy - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
John Michael Paul
Arrest Age 27
More Information >>>
Arrested Dec 23, 2019
• malicious injury to property-over $1000 f (destruction/damage/vandalism of property)
• assault and battery m (aggravated assault)
• domestic a&b by strangulation f (simple assault) **see notes**
Paul John - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Michael Ray Pavlu
Arrest Age 57
More Information >>>
Arrested Aug 09, 2015
• domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Pavlu Michael - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Christopher Allen Pearson
More Information >>>
Arrested Dec 08, 2019
• obstructing officer m
• domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Pearson Christopher - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
William Carl Pearson
More Information >>>
Arrested Sep 08, 2019
• domestic a&b in presence of minor f m (simple assault)
• domestic a&b by strangulation f (aggravated assault)
Pearson William - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Haden Michael Peck
More Information >>>
Arrested Nov 19, 2019
• writ - fta - domestic a&b in presence of minor f m (simple assault)
• hold - garvin county
Peck Haden - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Jeremy Andrew Penisten
Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 39
More Information >>>
Arrested Mar 13, 2019
• resisting executive officer m (simple assault)
• domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (aggravated assault)
Penisten Jeremy - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Stephen Micheal Pennanen
Arrest Age 33
More Information >>>
Arrested Jan 18, 2020
• kidnapping f
• domestic a&b in presence of minor f m (simple assault)
Pennanen Stephen - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Jose Del Socorro Perez-Limones
More Information >>>
Arrested Sep 29, 2019
• domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Perez-Limones Jose - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Geoffrey Francis Perkins
Arrest Age 28
More Information >>>
Arrested Nov 23, 2019
• domestic a&b by strangulation f (simple assault)
Perkins Geoffrey - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Kaleb James Peterson
Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 21
More Information >>>
Arrested Mar 23, 2013
• ***see notes*** domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Peterson Kaleb - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Rosalio Porras
Bond: $7500
More Information >>>
Arrested Jul 10, 2019
• **cash bond**fta/ftp - dui - liquor or drugs/apcv f m (driving under the influence)
• domestic a&b in presence of minor f m (simple assault)
• hold-canadian county
Porras Rosalio - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Christopher James Possehl
Arrest Age 53
More Information >>>
Arrested Dec 05, 2019
• protective order violation f m (family offenses, non-violent)
Marshall Hammer Powell
Arrest Age 34
More Information >>>
Arrested Aug 07, 2019
• **5 day sanction** remand - domestic a&b by strangulation f (aggravated assault)
• **5 day sanction** remand - domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Powell Marshall - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Jerry Todd Joseph Pribyl
Arrest Age 39
More Information >>>
Arrested Jan 03, 2020
• domestic assault & battery/abuse f m (simple assault)
Pribyl Jerry - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Charles Edward Prince
Arrest Age 51
More Information >>>
Arrested Sep 09, 2015
• domestic a&b in presence of minor f m (aggravated assault)
Prince Charles - Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Felysha Elyse Puga
Arrest Age 21
More Information >>>
Arrested Feb 09, 2020
• petit larceny m (all other larceny)
• domestic a&b by strangulation f (simple assault)
Puga Felysha - Cleveland County, Oklahoma

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36 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Oklahoma (OK)”

  1. i cant believe you bubba your my brother and i love you but thats way to far you need to get your act together and actually TRY

  2. He has not learned his lesson. He has gotten worse and has added child molester to his criminal activities.

  3. This man was there for me when no one else was I learned so much from him and wish I could find him (y I'm on this website in that first place) some of these comments are hateful and judgemental. Shame on you. Do u really think he is the monster that the system makes him appear. Hell no! Brainwashed fools. I love you tik n always will. Miss u bro.

  4. Yea look at the record?
    Really? Look at your record bet you won't blast that..
    Listen , don't ever be so quick to judge or pre-judge u might find your wrong.. then what?

  5. I refuse to call myself a victim because that gives him too much credit but I am a survivor of his abuse. If you ever need any more amo to go after him let me know I've got way too much on him in that area and much more sorry you had to go through it I know all too well what it is like. I randomly check on where he is as the last words he said to me was he was going to kill me. I now carry a gun for that reason alone. stay safe and do not ever give him any time I always said he was a master manipulator.

  6. Just so everyone knows— these comments apply to every person listed on this page. There is no page to only comment on one person. So here we have a bunch of people, commenting on different people, but thinking they’re all talking about the same guy. LOL

  7. Hi I’m not sure who you are but if you would send me an email at juniorandmario2015@yahoo.com. Id like to talk to you about your comment if you are talking about the guy I think you are I really need to speak to you for my kids sake. Thank you.

  8. Can anybody please help me find contact info for Antonio D Smith? I have been trying to find him for YEARS and this is the first place online that I have found his name. It is VERY important that I get ahold of him. If you have any info please email me at m.server.unknown@gmail.com

  9. This man is a monster and I have first hand experience with him. Glad to see he’s getting what he deserves. I now carry a gun because of him.

  10. Mr. Wilson is. A true menace to society, why is he still being allowed to take from women n children and manipulate the law? He must work with ...

  11. hey everyone ...my name is curtisha an im am curtis hubbard child an alll these comment about my dad is not right he a human just like yall he a really careing person so i would like for yall to stop all these nasty comments about my dad curtis hubbard

  12. You are right....and he was a horrible husband too. I pray God has mercy on his soul....By the way, I was the victim. 10 staples to the back of my head as he hit me with a tire iron. Currently, he is running game on a senior citizen lady and living w her on Tiki Island Galveston while on parole.

  13. If you are talking about Elijah then I am the one you want to talk to.10 years of misery married to him.

  14. Be careful around Joseph Irby. He acted like he needed someone to help him. I made the mistake of trusting him before I really knew who he was and all of the things that he has shown himself to be capable of. He is an abuser and a thief. He stole thousands of dollars worth of property and money from me. I do not want to list all of the ways that I was mistreated. It was nothing short of criminal. Just be careful around that guy.

  15. I will say this Joseph Raymond badgewell deserves to be in prison for a very long time for many, many years. He beat endless times. He held me hostage for months, and held fully loaded guns to my head. I was lucky I managed to escape onetime. He told me that if he could not have me nobody can. He threated to kill all my loved one's families, friends, my church family, my kids. I am glad all these years I have never had to deal with running into him or seeing him again. Ladies please do not get with him or even been friends with him. As any form of relationship with this person is very dangerous. Yes, I am a victim of him, and many others.

  16. One of the men on this list i didnt know was on this list until i had to come file my protective order and its been 9 months since then and every time i see his picture on here makes me sick because im like thats real him the monster and yet i have a child with him after tellin me kill my self he slap me around and left bruises on my arms along with probably worst headaches maybe for rest my life, broke me down and also kept me from bonding with my son. And did i mention currently stalking me and denying he is. He is one sick no good person. Im very thankful i left him and then i found out about this and him almost beating his ex wife who also his 1st baby mama almost to death. So ladys watch out for kc roughface also his friend thomas rice. Im no long will be quiet because if anything ever happens to me just know he stalked me and if i ever end up missing or dead its him.

  17. Scott Pierce has been beating women since highschool. I was his first serious relationship and he got expelled from our school because he told the principal if he couldn't have me than no one could. A few years after high-school he seemed changed and we got back together and for 2 whole years he beat me EVERY day, while I had a 1 year old son. He caused me to have 2 miscarriages and I hace permanant scarring on my body as well as clinicially diagnosed ptsd from the abuse. Stay tf away

  18. Stay away from Shawn Eric ODell ladies he's abusive , mulipulate s women by using God ,I pray for any woman who gets involved with him , for ❤️ heart , mental and emotional health ,and safety ,may God have mercy on his soul in Jesus name Amen

  19. Marcus Beasley was a really good kid until his ex Jessica Blackwell aka walling came into his life at 16 and she was in her 30's and introduced him to the needle then he went down hill fast

  20. What do you mean this time? Idk if you'll see this but I'm doing some research because I have a child with him she's one years old and I'm gonna go to court soon to get full custody and his right abolished any information would help thank you

  21. Teddy Glover only got 20 years of probation! Then violated the probation with drug possession and only got another year of probation. Justice will never be served. The mother of the children had the children taken away despite moving, changing school districts, and changing her work schedule. She was placed in jail later for being behind on child support. This man destroyed the lives of 5 people that day and gets to be free of consequences.

  22. Just warning if you come in contact with Alexander Gatzman turn the other way. He likes to beat women, he steals and destroys their car he beats on his mom. He threatens people with guns....he's just a POS that needs to be locked up for good before he kills someone. The local police ain't doing anything about it

  23. Does anyone know Donivan Moreland or has anyone dated him? I'm trying to find out just how much he told me was true and how much was lies he has made me into someone I never thought I could or would be. Thank you any information is appreciated

  24. My X husbands on here I never pressed charges on him for 99 percent or hed be doin life . Ive had a gun to the back of my throat been beat w so many things I cant count I got a cracked scull I found out in a x ray but guess he didnt get away w it with the next girl . Its scary when a man thinks he has power to belittle and dominate someone.

  25. Does anyone on here have any information on Nathan Alan Sade on this list? I am very concerned about my daughter.

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