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The Oklahoma Violent Crime Offender Registry provides information to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. For more information services for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Oklahoma.

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Jason Wayne Anderson
Sand Springs, Creek, OK
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Arrested Aug 07, 2019
• domestic ab in presence of minor
Anderson Jason - Creek County, Oklahoma
Tricia Lee Anderson
Bristow, Creek, OK
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Arrested Jul 28, 2019
• ftp poss of cds
• ftp poss of cds
• ftp poss of para
• ftp domestic abuse ab
• ftpdomestic abuse ab
• fta petition for payment of child suppo
Anderson Tricia - Creek County, Oklahoma
Briche Antol
Sapulpa, Creek, OK
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Arrested Aug 24, 2019
• domestic abuse
Antol Briche - Creek County, Oklahoma
James Brent Ardrey
Mannford, Creek, OK
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Arrested Aug 06, 2019
• fail to appeardom ab in presence of mi

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20 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Oklahoma (OK)”

  1. i cant believe you bubba your my brother and i love you but thats way to far you need to get your act together and actually TRY

    • Just so everyone knows— these comments apply to every person listed on this page. There is no page to only comment on one person. So here we have a bunch of people, commenting on different people, but thinking they’re all talking about the same guy. LOL

      • If you are talking about Elijah then I am the one you want to talk to.10 years of misery married to him.

    • You are right....and he was a horrible husband too. I pray God has mercy on his soul....By the way, I was the victim. 10 staples to the back of my head as he hit me with a tire iron. Currently, he is running game on a senior citizen lady and living w her on Tiki Island Galveston while on parole.

  2. This man was there for me when no one else was I learned so much from him and wish I could find him (y I'm on this website in that first place) some of these comments are hateful and judgemental. Shame on you. Do u really think he is the monster that the system makes him appear. Hell no! Brainwashed fools. I love you tik n always will. Miss u bro.

    • I refuse to call myself a victim because that gives him too much credit but I am a survivor of his abuse. If you ever need any more amo to go after him let me know I've got way too much on him in that area and much more sorry you had to go through it I know all too well what it is like. I randomly check on where he is as the last words he said to me was he was going to kill me. I now carry a gun for that reason alone. stay safe and do not ever give him any time I always said he was a master manipulator.

  3. Can anybody please help me find contact info for Antonio D Smith? I have been trying to find him for YEARS and this is the first place online that I have found his name. It is VERY important that I get ahold of him. If you have any info please email me at m.server.unknown@gmail.com

  4. This man is a monster and I have first hand experience with him. Glad to see he’s getting what he deserves. I now carry a gun because of him.

  5. Mr. Wilson is. A true menace to society, why is he still being allowed to take from women n children and manipulate the law? He must work with ...

  6. hey everyone ...my name is curtisha an im am curtis hubbard child an alll these comment about my dad is not right he a human just like yall he a really careing person so i would like for yall to stop all these nasty comments about my dad curtis hubbard

  7. Be careful around Joseph Irby. He acted like he needed someone to help him. I made the mistake of trusting him before I really knew who he was and all of the things that he has shown himself to be capable of. He is an abuser and a thief. He stole thousands of dollars worth of property and money from me. I do not want to list all of the ways that I was mistreated. It was nothing short of criminal. Just be careful around that guy.


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