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Domestic Violence in New Mexico is a very serious matter, and it should never be taken lightly. There are many ways to handle Domestic Violence cases that result in a beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

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Lee D Ellis
Bond: $2500
Arrest Age 24
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Arrested Dec 07, 2014
• fail to appear court;assault/domestic abuse against hhm
• notes: cash/surety
Ellis Lee - Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Nolan R Ellsworth
Arrest Age 25
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Arrested Jun 02, 2017
• assault domestic violence
• notes: sentenced
Ellsworth Nolan - Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Elmer Estrada
Arrest Age 25
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Arrested Jul 26, 2017
• battery/domestic abuse against a hhm;attempt to commit kidnapping;aggravated battery against household member;bribery/retaliation/intimidation of a witness
• notes: hold
Estrada Elmer - Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Deana Ewing
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Arrested May 15, 2019
• conceal identity
• notes: to be set by judge
• shoplifting $100-$250
• fail to comply;assault/domestic abuse against hhm
• notes: hold
• shoplifting $250-$2500;conspiracy
• not
Ewing Deana - Bernalillo County, New Mexico

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A Domestic Violence Order of Protection is a civil order that may be issued when a person files against a household member and there are acts or threatened acts of abuse.

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