ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Indiana (IN)

In Indiana, an incident of domestic violence can result in both criminal charges being filed and an order of protection being issued by a court.

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Jeffrey Aaron Jackson
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Arrested Dec 30, 2019
• weapon/instrument of violence- possess handgun without license
• possess handgun with domestic battery conviction
• possess controlled substance, lev 6
Jackson Jeffrey - Dearborn County, Indiana
Holly Regina Johnson
Arrest Age 40
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Arrested Dec 14, 2017
• domestic battery
Johnson Holly - Dearborn County, Indiana
Kevin Joseph Johnson
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Arrested Sep 26, 2019
• domestic battery
• domestic battery in presence of a child less than sixteen years of age
Johnson Kevin - Dearborn County, Indiana
Romney Shea Johnson
Arrest Age 45
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Arrested Apr 17, 2017
• domestic battery (presence of minor)
• invasion of privacy
Johnson Romney - Dearborn County, Indiana
Jimmy Wally Jones
Arrest Age 46
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Arrested Nov 25, 2017
• battery
• domestic battery
• domestic battery (presence of minor)
Jones Jimmy - Dearborn County, Indiana
William D Judge
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Arrested Oct 29, 2019
• domestic battery in presence of a child less than sixteen years of age
• domestic battery (prior conviction)
• domestic battery
Judge William - Dearborn County, Indiana

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  1. Alexander Kintzele-Kluth was on Judge Judy after an assault and she told his mother to stop making excuses for him or else he was going to be in jail. I guess his mother didn't listen because here he is with another assault case less than 2 years later.

  2. Kevin Milligan, has abused Sarah Milligan, so many times and that poor girl always takes him back. I hope one day she learns and gets away from him. That man should be in prison. Ladies beware of this man.

  3. His wife was the abuser both go to jail he pushed her off his back he had just had back surgery there diviorce now she in and out of jail for drugs he has there daughter he a good man


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