ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Indiana (IN)

Information about crimes related to domestic violence.
In Indiana, an incident of domestic violence can result in both criminal charges being filed and an order of protection being issued by a court.

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Tana Marie Absher
Noblesville, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Sep 13, 2019
• domestic battery-committed in presence of child under 16 by defendant at least 18 years old (f6)
Absher Tana - Hamilton County, Indiana
Michael Glenn Agugliaro
Noblesville, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Aug 24, 2019
• strangulation (f6)
• domestic battery-committed in presence of child under 16 by defendant at least 18 years old (f6)
Agugliaro Michael - Hamilton County, Indiana
Cassandra Marie Aguiniga
Noblesville, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Oct 13, 2019
• domestic battery: previous unrelated conviction for offense, or committed offense with children present (see statute)
Aguiniga Cassandra - Hamilton County, Indiana
Tareq Sudqi Albared
Fishers, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Nov 30, 2018
• domestic battery touches a family or household member in a rude, insolent or angry manner places any bodily fluid or waste
Albared Tareq - Hamilton County, Indiana
Dean Kris Alicia
Noblesville, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Aug 18, 2019
• domestic battery touches a family or household member in a rude, insolent or angry manner places any bodily fluid or waste
• resisting law enforcement
• strangulation (f6)
Alicia Dean - Hamilton County, Indiana
Scottie Allen Anderson
Bond: $5000
Westfield, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Apr 10, 2019
• intimidation: threat to commit forcible felony against (see statute); f6
• domestic battery touches a family or household member in a rude, insolent or angry manner places any bodily fluid or waste
Anderson Scottie - Hamilton County, Indiana
Jeannie Armstrong
Kokomo, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested Aug 21, 2019
• domestic battery (ma)
Armstrong Jeannie - Hamilton County, Indiana
Kara Michelle Ayers
Noblesville, Hamilton, IN
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Arrested May 31, 2019
• domestic battery: bodily injury, deadly weapons, pregnancy, previous conviction
Ayers Kara - Hamilton County, Indiana

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25 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Indiana (IN)”

  1. Robert Nordhaus has done this to many woman. He also killed me. He needs to be in jail not just in a registry.

  2. Alexander Kintzele-Kluth was on Judge Judy after an assault and she told his mother to stop making excuses for him or else he was going to be in jail. I guess his mother didn't listen because here he is with another assault case less than 2 years later.

  3. Kevin Milligan, has abused Sarah Milligan, so many times and that poor girl always takes him back. I hope one day she learns and gets away from him. That man should be in prison. Ladies beware of this man.

  4. His wife was the abuser both go to jail he pushed her off his back he had just had back surgery there diviorce now she in and out of jail for drugs he has there daughter he a good man

  5. He remarried now to good women and starting a family with with her and his 13 year old daughter not all people on here are bad

  6. Derrik Duszynski has done this to multiple women And also put a man on life support. But Indiana refused to charge him because of them saying that there is no proof that the bruises and broken nose and teeth and bloody face took place the night she was rushed to the hospital. even though he was removed from the home and rushed to the hospital. I remember her having proof of videos and pictures of years of being hurt and Indiana didn’t do anything about it. She even had a restraining order on him and I remember her calling the police multiple times and being told that if she’s that scared she shouldn’t leave her home. She had moved multiple times and he still wouldn’t leave her alone. She moved to a different state and he was still harassing her. Unfortunately her new state couldn’t charge him for battery even though there was proof but they also didn’t tolerate harassing. So that state issued a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested later in Indiana for punching a police officer and then the new state she moved to picked him up and he was charged and convicted with aggravated stalking He wasn’t allowed to use any social media when he was released, wasn’t allowed to use a phone, wasn’t allowed to own a computer or be anywhere with a computer or communicate with anyone who owned anything that could communicate . After he served time and was released, he was transferred back to Indiana And of course Indiana ended up dropping the charges for assaulting a police officer. He has been arrested multiple times over the years in Indiana for battery and the charges have been dropped. Indiana has the worst criminal justice system.

  7. Why is it only few hve to actually register? I know a person with 4 priors in Indiana alone and he’s not on this list all 4 women small. He has a type he likes to beat. Also has domestics in Florida yet he isn’t on the list hmmmm…. Never served a day in jail either …: think it’s time Indiana was looked into and why nothing is done to abusers. I’m about to open Indiana wide open asking congress why all this is happening here and nothing is done oh and I’m leaving my name for a story look me up I’m in Laporte county I want all victims to be heard now. Why are we victim shamed even by guardian litiems who have a personal vendetta against a family member or her cousin statutory rape ?? It’s time somethings done and Kristina jaccobucci if you see this then I don’t even have to explain what all I found out but I’m hoping the judge just throws you in jail I’m coming full swing for your job everything I want you to lose it all baby girl and I will see to it now walkerton PD you know where to find me or should I leak what tim said about your judge and child porn?? again as I emailed your captain and told him Tim’s exact words not mine or your former chief the biggest pot dealer ?? I mean his own son went to school saying HE choked him and you all turned a blind eye , protect and serve right ??? Every last one of you should lose your badge the officers who took me back to the house of hell when I ran down there barefoot they should make rules eye for an ege . I was beat for hours after that yea let’s leave her here he promises he will leave she’ll be safe. Idiots

  8. Contact me pls or if you have tiktok message me there beautydoesntneedabeast Indiana never did anything about my ex and it was really bad . I’m bringing a lot of attention to this and the fact Indiana doesn’t do shit

  9. Derrik Duszynski was arrested 6 more times after that and let go. Indiana doesn't care. That dude is a dirty hillbilly white trash woman beater piece of shit. He is a sociopath that will manipulate people to get what he wants and he has the courts fooled but he will always be trash. He tried to strangle my best friend to death when she locked herself in her room after he smashed her face into the floor because she wouldn't give him her keys because he was drunk. he broke down the door and tried to strangle her to death but she was able to call 911.

  10. No he's not, I've been best friends with the family for years and Jeremiah regularly abuses his wife, Crystal Darling, and just now, he has walked out on her and abandoned his daughter. He is a horrible fucking person.

  11. Its called due diligence.
    For example "J" may have 2 reports of Domestic violence, BUT
    Being charged and being convicted are two different situations. "J" is not listed in this DV register because he was acquitted of those crimes. I do see that you made the list. Congratulations.

  12. David Cater is woman beating coward. Hes beat me many times and stole my things to sell 4 drugs. He should be in prison.

  13. Hey victoria is me Jessy from hayward california....
    I want to talk to you please give me a call
    I was the one who always helped you at you're apartment..
    I also helped you move
    Please call me..1510 677 2265

  14. Omg she better be ok, or ima be maddddd, no one should be acting like this, why are people like this, just why are people even doing stuff like this

  15. Craig Leibacher is wanted in Bay County Florida for parole violation. He is a fugitive from justice and has skipped out on a 8 year sentence and is facing many new charges that will make him a habitual offender. He is facing 25 years in prison. Please contact law enforcement if you spot him and do not approach.

  16. What he done to me was leave, he was gone when I woke up, I looked for him, no sign of him. Obviously I wasn't for him. I suppose I'll live. He had someone or something else to get to . He could had said goodbye. I guess that's what I'm doing now. Hoping he finds this message and know I'm sorry for the entire situation. With him knowing I'll never forget him and still hear him in my right ear, I won't repeat what he said but it's still there, I never let him go for that. The most Beautiful creature I've ever seen. Thanks for letting me share.

    Loving & thinking of him still, for now, forever & always.

  17. This is literally like describing my ex down to a T. Multiple charges in Indiana and Florida but seems to walk everytime. I had cuts bruises broken bones etc. Between physical and sexual abuse they had more than enough and they said it was my word against his and dropped everything besides a burglary charge.

  18. well that's what u deserve Jada u come to my house to fight me got Ur butt whooped and then arrested for battery on me hahaha now with Ur newest charge u have to register on the dv list karma is queen (btw how's Ur truck lol should've put it in park) now as i stated before fafo come near me or my hubs again and looks like u will face prison time hahahahaaha 20yrs plus she has stalked us over her obsession with my hubs

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