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Yu Xinmiao
Arrest Age 27
Brentwood, Champaign, IL
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Arrested Aug 04, 2018
• domestic battery
• cruelty to animals
Xinmiao Yu - Champaign County, Illinois
Suda Xu
Arrest Age 20
Urbana, Champaign, IL
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Arrested Feb 18, 2017
• domestic battery
Xu Suda - Champaign County, Illinois

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In its current form, the Illinois State Police would have to create a database of those convicted of aggravated domestic violence, domestic violence.
You will be able to view public records on individuals who have been arrested. View Anyone's Criminal History. Public Arrest Records.

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  1. michael barkus from round lake beach,il is a looser,wife beater,can't hold a job longer than a week,sat in jail but found a butt buddy that take care of all his needs,and he takes care of bruno's needs too.

  2. does anyone know any information about DAVID L. CARR or have any further details about his multiple aggravated domestics? im recently finding out the severity of his abusiveness. and im sure hes been beating my ex. Im now under the impression that my kids have also been victims no one will tell me anything. cops wont do anything neither will dcfs.

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