ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Texas (TX)

In Texas, proposed House Bill 100 would have created a “central database containing information about certain offenders who have committed offenses involving family or dating violence.” Any individual convicted of domestic violence at least three times would have to have his or her name placed in the registry. The legislation died in a legislative subcommittee.

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Juliana Denise Ybarra
Arrest Age 38
Red Oak, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Jun 14, 2015
• assault causes bodily injury family member
William Seth Yeager
Arrest Age 25
Waxahachie, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Jan 07, 2017
• agg assault date/family/house w/weapon
Stephen Charles York
Arrest Age 37
Waxahachie, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Mar 21, 2013
• assault causes bodily injury family member
Bobby Jay Young
Bond: $10005
Arrest Age 30
Queen City, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Sep 15, 2015
• ocw-assault bi fam/house mem 2+ w/in 12 months/bf
• notes: dallas co
• ocw-assault bi fam/house mem 2+ w/in 12 months
• ocw-assault causes bodily injury family member/ bf
• notes: cash bond/dallas co
Derek Wyman Young
Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 39
Palmer, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Oct 31, 2014
• terroristic threat of family/household fta/bf
• interfer w/public duties fta/bf
• resist arrest search or transport/fta/bf
• motor vehicle inspection violation
• notes: ferris pd
• violate promise to appear
• b
Heather Young
Arrest Age 43
Palmer, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Jun 10, 2017
• terroristic threat of family/household
Omar S Young
Arrest Age 37
Dallas, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Oct 10, 2014
• assault causes bodily injury family member
• notes: dallas co so
Toderick Young
Arrest Age 23
Waxahachie, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Feb 17, 2015
• class c assault by contact family violence
Toderick Oshay Young
Arrest Age 27
Waxahachie, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Dec 28, 2018
• poss cs pg 2 lt 1g
• poss marij lt2oz
• poss cs pg 1 lt1g
• assault causes bodily injury family member
• interfer w/emergency req for assistance
Toderick Oshay Young
Arrest Age 44
Waxahachie, Ellis, TX
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Arrested Apr 11, 2017
• unl poss firearm by felon f3
• evading arrest det w/prev conviction fs
• out of county warrant-assault causes bodily injury family member ma
• out of county warrant-spdg mc
• out of county warrant-exp dl mc

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