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Tennesse's Domestic Abuse Act stresses the seriousness of domestic violence and provides enhanced legal protections to victims of domestic violence. Crimes involving physical injury, physical restraint, or fear of harm committed against a family or household member are considered domestic abuse crimes.

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Alex Steven Allen
Bond: $50000
Waynesboro, Wayne, TN
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Arrested Aug 04, 2019
• assault, aggravated domestic related
• interference with emergency communications
Allen Alex - Wayne County, Tennessee
Michael Earl Andrews
Bond: $2500
Seattle, Wayne, TN
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Arrested Nov 14, 2019
• simple domestic assult
Andrews Michael - Wayne County, Tennessee
Stacy Lee Arnold
Bond: $50000
Savannah, Wayne, TN
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Arrested Sep 02, 2019
• assault, aggravated domestic related
Arnold Stacy - Wayne County, Tennessee

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More information on civil orders of protection can be found in our article Tennessee Domestic Abuse Orders of Protection.

13 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Tennessee (TN)”

  1. At least change what they were convicted of bc its all miss information when its been years down the road and all charges are dropped or a deal was made for a lesser charge because what the person was accused of wasn't what its made out to be. Just wanna ruin reputations and some I see was just put on here and it happened years ago hmm weird

    • Luke, thank you. It is very weird that this was just recently posted. This was a case of false accusation. My partner at the time was drunk and had fallen, I went to pick him up off the floor and he starts screaming I'm trying to kill him. Needl as to say cops were called and I explained to them nothing was wrong, however, the cops saw that will was unconscious on the couch and they forced there way into my home to check on him. Listen to the drunk man speak they here him say he's trying to kill me. I was arrested. Howvere, when will came to the next day he realized what he had done and immediatialey came to get me and dropped all charges. That's the real story that not ever told. And yes this was done to ruin my reputation. I won't let the person that's doing this win, he can come at me with all he has, I will stand firm. Thank you CSA

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  3. Shawn Jarrett tried to throw me down the stairs 6 months pregnant with his first daughter. He and his NOW wife Audra Jane Cothran Jarrett are NOW being charged with the abuse to my children that I was blamed for and lost my babies for, while the state GAVE THEM TO THEIR ABUSERS. TN LEGALLY KIDNAPPED MY BABIES AND NOW THAY THERE IS PROOF OTHERWISE BECAUSE OF THEIR WRONG, MY CHILDREN ARE IN THE SYSTEM, while I maintain custody of 2 other babies. How dumb. Shawn has 6 counts and Audra has 14 counts of cruelty to children in the first degree with bodily harm in Catoosa county Georgia. I need help getting my babies home and safe. They aren't even with biological family. Please help me make sure these two ROT in prison. My 3 month old was THREE DAYS from death due to a brain bleed from head trauma this woman SMASHED my infants head into a wall

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  5. You're missing one from 2007-08 Domestic violence .
    Micah David Anderson
    Also wanted fugitive from New Orleans for domestic violence/strangulation 2019

  6. When things are thrown out or expunged, the law has decided the person was innocent or not a threat. you should not be damning people like me that were not guilty. My husband even told them that, but I was arrested anyways. It was later thrown out and expunged. I'm a mother of 5 and this could cost me a career that I need to support them. This is wrong.

  7. Daniel Kowal has been a wife/woman beater since the 90’s. Not sure how in the hell he got a job with Law enforcement?! Shame on you Clarksville Sheriff Dept.

  8. If you see jimmie Thomas please let me know cause his granddaughter would like to meet him and kids haven't seen him years, although we all in the same city. I'm Royal Thomas on Facebook.


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