ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – North Carolina (NC)

The law requires a police officer responding to a domestic violence incident to make an arrest if the officer has probable cause to believe that a domestic violence offense was committed within four hours prior. If the officer determines that assault is involved, they will arrest only the person they believe to be the primary aggressor. State law also requires mandatory arrest for violations of no contact orders and civil protection orders.

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Arrest Records Database - Buncombe County, North Carolina

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Hilliard Risher Reddick
Bond: $2000
Arrest Age 59
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Arrested Mar 26, 2015
• pretrial release violation
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Reginald Lee Redfern
Bond: $50000
Arrest Age 42
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Arrested Oct 05, 2015
• burning personal property
• injury to personal property
• poss of firearm by felon
• dvpo viol deadly weapon
• discharge firearm in city
• go armed to terror of people
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Redfern Reginald - Buncombe County, North Carolina
James Eric Register
Arrest Age 34
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Arrested Dec 09, 2017
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Register James - Buncombe County, North Carolina
Billy Ray Ricketts
Arrest Age 34
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Arrested Dec 06, 2018
• breaking or entering (m)
• domestic crim trespass(m)
Ricketts Billy - Buncombe County, North Carolina
Christy Ann Riopelle
Arrest Age 39
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Arrested Apr 21, 2016
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Craig Eugene Roberts
Arrest Age 49
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Arrested Dec 16, 2014
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
James Michael Robinson
Arrest Age 27
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Arrested Mar 11, 2015
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Robinson James - Buncombe County, North Carolina
Joseph Robinson
Arrest Age 44
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Arrested Dec 30, 2015
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Marcellus Tremaine Robinson
Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 30
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Arrested May 13, 2017
• break/enter terrorize/injure
• communicating threats
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Robinson Marcellus - Buncombe County, North Carolina
William Richard Robinson
Arrest Age 47
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Arrested Feb 23, 2015
• assault on female
• domestic criminal trespass (m)
Jolena Michelle Rogers
Arrest Age 54
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Arrested Mar 02, 2019
• purch firearm viol dom order
Jeramy Ryan Rzeczkowski
Arrest Age 21
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Arrested Dec 30, 2013
• communicating threats
• domestic criminal trespass (m)

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17 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – North Carolina (NC)”

  1. Jamie Ann Petri
    Left her disabled daughter with a four-time child abuser which was also her father overnights all the time ..she was nearly arrested by the SWAT team now is teaching school !
    Has been accused of perjury, lying on a police report, falsifying police reports, parental alienation interfering in child custody, and her whole entire family is convicted felons.
    She is a drug abusing liar has destroyed many children's lives and yet has had no accountability now she's teaching school that's our system.

  2. Fernando Zepeda Camacho still on the run from the police, I live in fear thinking that he is around my house while I am at sleep.

  3. I thought this was Denise Burdette ,looks like a nice lady nice smile. I heard she worked at a baptist church ,went on mission trip to ecuador and when she filed for divorce to a well known banker ,he kept being late with his alimony and when she contacted him for it they arrested her...he didn't get punished for late alimony payments and there was never violence on her part... she was also a mother of his three kids and he has remarried an southwest airline employee that he had an affair with....and Mrs. DENISE is on the registry? Doesnt make sense

    • Dan t milam is completely unstable he hears voices in his head he is extremely violent and he preys on women cuz he is afraid to reveal his sexual preference is not women he carry a weapon usually a knife and is an extreme addict

  4. Richard Durham wouldn't and couldn't hurt a fly.. Unfortunately he is the victim of being falsely accused and falsely convicted... He was married and his ex wife would hit herself and claim he did it and have him arrested. She is the only woman that has ever made accusations. Unfortunately our system sides with women and anyone can go to the magistrate and file charges on anyone without proof

  5. Struggling to navigate this site...Does this site also report police reports of dv that never went to court...my ex didn't physically abuse me every time but mentally abused me and manipulated me until I caught him going through his phone I found photos of my baby nephew undressing. He threw me down to get the phone because I was gonna give it to the police...he stomped on me my head and everything got dark but for some reason the state dropped all charges. Brandon boozer this happened a few yrs ago wake County NC. He touched my nephew but he was too young to talk about it so nothing ever came of it


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