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DV incidents in Missouri.
Offenders required to register for crimes of kidnapping, felonious restraint or child abuse may not be listed on this web site. Online Arrest Reports.

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Laura Leann Agee
Arrest Age 27
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Arrested Mar 19, 2017
• domestic assault 2nd degree - 1st offense
• endangering welfare of a child 1st degree
• resisting/interfering with arrest for a felony
Agee Laura - Lawrence County, Missouri
Anthony L Akin
Arrest Age 28
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Arrested Mar 13, 2013
• domestic assault 3rd. degree - 1st/2nd. offense
• animal abuse/torture/mutilation while animal was a
• possession of up to 35 grams marijuana
Akin Anthony - Lawrence County, Missouri
Jesse Lewis Allen
Arrest Age 20
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Arrested Jun 09, 2016
• domestic assault - 2nd degree
Allen Jesse - Lawrence County, Missouri
Scott Lee Allen
Arrest Age 34
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Arrested May 11, 2014
• domestic assault 3rd. degree - 1st/2nd. offense
Allen Scott - Lawrence County, Missouri
Shawn Wesley Amos
Arrest Age 39
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Arrested Apr 28, 2017
• domestic assault - 2nd degree
Amos Shawn - Lawrence County, Missouri
Travis L Amos
Arrest Age 35
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Arrested Mar 21, 2013
• domestic assault - 2nd degree
• unlawful use of weapon
• armed criminal action
Joshua Ryan Ard
Arrest Age 17
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Arrested Dec 18, 2014
• domestic assault - 2nd degree
• investigative hold
Ard Joshua - Lawrence County, Missouri
Joshua Arveson
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Arrested Aug 01, 2019
• domestic assault - 2nd degree
• property damage - 2nd degree
• burglary 1st degree
• stealing - firearm/explosive weapon/ammonium nitra
• forgery
• armed criminal action
Arveson Joshua - Lawrence County, Missouri
Michael George Aust
Arrest Age 67
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Arrested Oct 18, 2018
• domestic assault 2nd degree - 1st offense
• hold for other agency
Aust Michael - Lawrence County, Missouri
Nathanael Geoarge Aust
Arrest Age 26
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Arrested Oct 18, 2018
• domestic assault 2nd degree - 1st offense
• hold for other agency
Aust Nathanael - Lawrence County, Missouri
Quinten Aust
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Arrested Dec 31, 2019
• domestic assault - 3rd degree
• resisting or interfering with arrest/detention/stop
• assault - 3rd degree - special victim

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15 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Missouri (MO)”

  1. Here's my experience with Missouri's shameful and downright evil "domestic violence system" - It's full of lying women that feel disadvantaged in divorce, police, prosecutors that couldn't care less about the truth, absolutely feeble, do-nothing public defenders like Shawn Markin, and corrupt programs and courts.

    It works like this -
    -woman gets caught having affair
    -feels disadvantaged in pending divorce
    -attorney suggests filing ex parte against husband claiming DV
    -husband kicked out of house
    -state picks up charge based on "victim" statements in ex parte
    -wife feels guilty and withdraws false claim
    -state then sends DFS (prosecutorial henchmen) to interview "victim" and children so that the prosecution won't lose their witness, forcing decision between husband or kids.
    -wife continues with false claim to retain advantage for custody
    -husband is ruined due to BS DV claim and ends up on registry like this one.

    Greene County Missouri sucks.

    • Duluth Model. Men are always seen as guilty, even if he's innocent. If the woman beats on the man, he had it coming. That the Duluth Model in a nut shell. My ex did same crap, I got arrest for domestic and was looking at a 15 year prison sentence for something that I didn't even do. Thank God I had security cameras on the house. She committed a felony trying to get me convicted of a felony. They refuse to prosecute her for her lies.

    • I do not agree with any of your statements. I stand behind our judicial system: innocent until proven guilty. In this case, the defendant pled guilty because the State provided enough evidence to incriminate him. He plead guilty because of that. The real victims in this case were the children involved. The State did exactly what was necessary and safe for the children. I have full confidence in our judicial system: innocent until proven guilty.

      • I got news for you, I too once had faith that truth would prevail. The fact is these judges are given a golden key to convict with "proponderance" of evidence. Which means NO BURDON OF PROOF at all whatsoever. I've never so much as raised a voice at my ex who wanted to move her new bf in but since it was my house I wouldn't leave. Thanks to the dv legislation it was very easy and now I've never been arrested for anything my whole life and ruined and nobody cares

  2. This is me. I had to plead guilty bc I had a public defender who discouraged me from fighting for myself. Y'all don't know shit. That man was abusive to me and I tried to leave him for cheating on me and he called the police and told them I was crazy and wasn't on the lease but was in his house bc he asked me to be there. Y'all don't know shit what I went through to become a better person overall and to stay away from that manipulative piece of shit. He saw no jail time even though we had multiple occurrences of him putting his hands on me. FUCK Greene county and fuck the judicial system.

  3. Joshua james calbreath doesn't touch women,they touch him,his ,kids,and his house, nick the female toxic troll falsely stated lies, Mr governor yes Missouri governor your state of Warrenton is shady so is Wright city mo, they kidnapped me form my house in 2018 I was never charged with nothing I was detained for 12 hours, why,because a female nick,called knowing I be fuged they knocked I answered ron white ,thrown out a bar. I was kidnapped from my home by Wright city they wanted me to fight or flight to shoot me.lol Warrenton is so then do corrupt, don't buy a house in Warren County if your with a toxic girl she will be able to bring her men in,then live and smile, what a joke,it says I was arrested, really, detained and kidnapped, really...wow...officer Bernard retired months later,why a troll knew he failed, guys watch your 6

    • Would the government the governer,please stand they fug up, they need to be shut down I was assaulted in a gas station by to officers,they blew elbow's to my elbow in line buying cigarettes, I was struck twice,I ignored them,bought my items then walked out, weirdest story ever told ,my buddies laugh like what,all truth,they once a again wanted me to flight or fight,watch your 6 I Warrenton men,them easy girls get r done,open girl,then men eat,lol,watch your 6 with the Jamieson 's,wow

  4. Proof that Bollinger County doesn’t do their job. I was falsely charged while the person I defended myself against ditched their gun with someone else. Great policing idiots…


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