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Minnesota does maintain a public database called the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) Criminal History System, which provides information about individuals convicted of crimes in the state. The BCA Criminal History System is accessible to law enforcement agencies, certain employers, and licensing agencies for background checks and other authorized purposes. It includes information on individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence offenses, along with other criminal convictions. Domestic Abuse: What Is It? In Minnesota, domestic abuse is defined as being threatened or physically hurt by someone in your household or family.
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Dan Jerome Allen
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Arrested Feb 15, 2020
• domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits act to c
Allen Dan - Fillmore County, Minnesota
Jack Daniel Arnold
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Arrested Nov 25, 2019
• domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits act to c
• fleeing a peace officer by a means other than
Arnold Jack - Fillmore County, Minnesota

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29 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Minnesota (MN)”

  1. This guy is an abusive perve, lied to his fiance that's why they fought. He kicked her dog too and it was left with serious injuries. He's a loser.

  2. He is a horrible person. Stole so much from my family-- including from a two year old. I tried to warn his fiance. He has a new fiance every month. I will never understand how they all fall for his crap. He lies every word that leaves his mouth. Cannot believe someone hasn't lkilled him yet.

  3. Compulsive liar. Stay away, he is a thief. Feel bad for his kids, hope she has full custody of them.
    Hopefully he doesn't have anymore kids too.
    His temper repeatedly comes and goes.. not worth your time.

  4. He shows his true colors very quickly. He is so good at manipulating and feeding girls a fairytale. I’m not an idiot, I didn’t fall for it. He came at me a few times like he was going to attack me. He’s going to kill someone soon seriously.. He has no fear at all about hurting women. He stated he doesn’t care about “beating on bitches” and he does it for a reason. He’s on all these dating apps talking to any and every girl possible. Doesn’t matter who it is. He especially likes girls with kids. He has so many options that’s why girls fall for it!! Like he just moves on to the next. Scary that I had him apart of my life. He needs to be locked up for life. He is a danger to society! Be very careful ladies!! He has serious issues! Pure narcissistic psychopath. I don’t know anyone who has dealt with him before so not having anyone to talk to about this has been even worse!! So glad I got out of that but so scared for the rest of these ladies he’s preying on. So scary!!

  5. He has done this to multiple women for over 25 years (when I met him). Back then, things weren't so easily searchable. In today's world, I don't know how someone could look him up, see his history & still chose to be with him. The most upsetting thing is that the courts continue to let him out of prison after MULTIPLE periods of incarceration. The system needs to be fixed.

  6. Anyone who is considering letting this man into your life please contact me first. Kellyt94@gmail.com. It's been over 20 years but I was married to him. Don't allow yourself to be the next victim. How he's not in prison for a life sentence is beyond me

  7. Does anyone here know about Bryan Harlow Beckwith? If you do, watch out. Justice still isn’t being served for the multiple times he violated me and my children’s 50 year OFP and I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced/witnessed or been a victim to his abuse as well?

  8. So courageous of all you speaking out against domestic violence and your experiences. The cycle can be broken. No more letting them stay over and over with you where you lay your head at night. If you speak about and know the abusers ways, let your family and friends know too, Don’t let them go be in enclosed spaces alone with the abuser. Stop them from possibly being harmed too. Safety First Always!

  9. Survivor of Domestic Violence myself, he kicked, hit, screamed, yelled, beat with a stick, and much more to the animals. It was not until years later, being informed of abusers often hurting animals too. He was a big talker, hypocritical, selfish, control freak, and womanizer. Would have that monster stay in my home many times with the kid around. Cannot believe it. Was informed of that man decades ago. Hindsight now warning everyone to STAY AWAY He is dangerous.

  10. Yes, the system needs a whole new model approach, modernized for current times. Convenient anyone can search men and women they meet before befriending them in under 10 minutes. So many with lengthy repeat offenses putting all in danger. My state is one of the few where someone has to work pretty darn hard at repeating offenses before any accountability, jail, or prison time is even considered. It’s, “everyone deserves a chance to turn his or her life around system” Can’t say I don’t agree with that. Yet, at the same time everyone needs to be educated of the dangers this has on society while finding and implementing more restorative justice approach.

  11. I thought my situation was rarer than it appears!! It looks normal here! My ex-husband is Eric Donald Huemiller. I couldn't scream loud enough "why is he not rotting in a dark prison hole somewhere for what he did to me? Does he have to kill someone before he get more an insignificant slap on the wrist? Does he have to kill someone?" because believe me, I have screamed it many times. We were married for almost 20 yrs. Somewhere in the middle, almost out of nowhere, he became a monster, & it took several yrs & 15 concussions, 8 skull fractures, a broken eye orbital bone(the hardest bone of the body & takes force equal to being hit with a brick), 2 broken ribs & a dislocated shoulder & a few seizures later found the guts to get out!! I was made look like I asked for it, my kids told I was the problem,...& see from time to time he gets arrested for the same things he did to me. There are reports on record back to 2008-current. Me, my kids, his family & several women after me...have all been hurt by the damage he causes!! When will it stop? I beg God & those prosecuting him to put him in prison where he should have gone long ago. I can almost guarantee if I had burned the house down after he passed out drunk after beating me to the condition I was too many times that I'd still be sitting in prison...& not for the arson, I'd bet!! Why don't all these tough guys fight each other & stop hitting women? Why are they still ruining people's lives? Lock them up together! Please stop these obviously repeat CRIMINALS from hurting multiple victims!! And if my testimony will help, PLEASE email me anytime!!! Truly sad & sickening that he's (all these) been allowed to remain free to hurt the next poor women & the next & the next...

  12. Charles langeness who resides in Randolph m n or hampton mn. He has been hounding my neighbor with drugs and threats. I havent seen her in 2 days. Ever since he came claiming she belongs to him. I think he has her. Her name is Katlyn langeness. I heard he has been selling methamphetamine and barbiturate s. Anonymous tip trying to save a woman's life. Attn: cannon falls pd / 911

  13. Hi Chanel..I was wondering if you could tell me more about this guy. Who are you commenting on?? Did not know there was an animal involved. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

  14. Steven McGerr is a bully. He was so abusive towards me at my former workplace at Cub Foods in Savage, MN. I remember one time during winter 2015, I was putting away shopping carts and my cart pusher got stuck in the snow that I cried for help on my walkie to my former manager and Steven McGerr mocked me on my walkie and thankfully the manager said: “Steven!” He also joked one time that I oughta be ran over and I got real offended by that. Not only did he pick on me but he also got into trouble multiple times for his obnoxious behavior at my former workplace. Thankfully, he left in 2016 after he almost got fired with a “you can’t fire me, I quit!” Syndrome.

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