ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Michigan (MI)

Enhanced Public Safety: By making information about domestic violence offenders publicly available, the registry aims to increase awareness and safety for potential victims.
Offender Lookup: The registry includes a comprehensive offender lookup feature, covering several counties within Michigan, including Clinton, Gratiot, Hillsdale, Isabella, Kalamazoo, Kent, Macomb, Midland, Muskegon, Oakland, Ottawa, and Van Buren. This feature allows individuals to search for offenders by name and location, providing crucial information that can help protect individuals from potential harm.
Arrest Records Database: Alongside the offender lookup, the registry includes an arrest records database, offering detailed records of arrests related to domestic violence. This database serves as a resource for both the public and law enforcement, facilitating the tracking of offenders' legal statuses and histories.

Offender Lookup - Michigan (MI)

Clinton  Gratiot Hillsdale  Isabella  Kalamazoo  Kent  Macomb  Midland  Muskegon  Oakland  Ottawa  VanBuren 

Arrest Records Database - Gratiot County, Michigan

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Stephen Robert Ames
Arrest Age 53
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Arrested Jun 19, 2017
• domestic violence
• notes: none
Ames Stephen - Gratiot County, Michigan

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Implications and Importance
The establishment of the Domestic Violence Registry in Michigan represents a significant step forward in addressing and mitigating the impact of domestic violence. By providing transparent access to information on offenders, the registry not only aids in the protection of potential victims but also contributes to a broader societal understanding of the prevalence and seriousness of domestic violence. It underscores the importance of community and law enforcement collaboration in preventing further abuse and supporting victims.

Michigan's Domestic Violence Registry is a pivotal resource in the state's efforts to combat domestic violence. By facilitating access to offender information and arrest records, the registry plays a critical role in enhancing public safety and supporting victims. As domestic violence continues to be a pressing issue, initiatives like Michigan's registry are essential in fostering a safer and more informed community, ensuring that victims have the resources and support they need to escape abusive situations and rebuild their lives.


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  1. Easy to say but sorry Jacob your x was a psycho and did whatever she could to try and control you and turn you into whom she grew up around. I know Amy probably more than her parents or siblings. When I got word of what happened years ago I knew it was either her mom or her. That family is in so much need of negative attention that its sickening. I remember what Lynn used to do to mark and it sounds pretty much the same. If a "queen" no longer has control of her bedtoy then control him with law and lies.

  2. adam was an abusive, horrible person. he tried to kill my mom in front of me when i was 11. i still don't know if I can forgive even now.

  3. I’m one of Jason’s exs and if this is his only time getting arrested for domestic violence I would be flabbergasted. Verbally and physically abusive daily. I was with him for 2 years till I ran away. When he found out I was leaving him he threatened to shoot me and my now fiancée if we ever came back. Anger issues and alcoholic don’t mix well.

  4. Man, I've learned a valuable lesson and vow to never commit a DV again.
    I fucked up made a mistake when I was young.. I'm not a violent person..
    Just made mistakes please don't judge me for this as I am a better person today

  5. It's supposed to say sig other not dog. Sorry for the rant and all the typos. Very sore subject for me that has defined my life for a very long time until I took back control of what I do and what happens to me by making better choices.

  6. Hi
    It's heartfelt to hear about your ordeal as a child, which can still be vivid later in life.

    But this Adam Bagley is currently in tough with a friend of mine via a writing to a prisoner format--I know my friend is a good person simply trying to communicate on a volunteer type of way but I did warn her to be cautious --the domestic charges are not known to her but I decided to look into this closer, and here we are--and I do plan to bring light to this matter as I highly doubt she would continue correspondence with a known abuser. I do have a question was this you dad or stepdad? is your mom, OK? Was this a one-time incident or was this Adam a notorious abuser?

    Thank you for your time and wishing you to heal and best in your life's journey.


  7. Ryan hitsman is a sex offender and rapist. He waits till women or girls are drunk and takes advantage. Not to mention the abuse towards his autistic step sister.

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