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Terrance R Albert
Bond: $10500
Arrest Age 39
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Arrested Jun 05, 2017
• warrant/bench warrant
• domestic abuse battery with child endangerment
Albert Terrance - StJames County, Louisiana
Heather Kay Anthony
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Arrested Aug 24, 2019
• domestic abuse battery
Anthony Heather - StJames County, Louisiana
Timothy M Anweiler
Arrest Age 30
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Arrested Apr 13, 2017
• domestic abuse battery
Anweiler Timothy - StJames County, Louisiana
Timothy M Anweiler
Arrest Age 30
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Arrested Jul 15, 2017
• domestic abuse battery
• violation of protective orders
• cyberstalking
Anweiler Timothy - StJames County, Louisiana
Stacey Champagne Armant
Arrest Age 38
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Arrested Sep 13, 2014
• domestic abuse battery
Armant Stacey - StJames County, Louisiana
Casimere J August
Arrest Age 28
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Arrested Oct 17, 2018
• domestic abuse battery - pregnant victim
August Casimere - StJames County, Louisiana

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Lobby Lawmakers to make the Domestic Violence Registry public info! Many states operate a domestic violence registry available only to law enforcement.

21 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Louisiana (LA)”

  1. Kendale is my ex husband he use to abuse me daily bases he nothing but a woman beater he went to jail for abuser an ex girlfriend he is a loser

  2. Well not so much for the abuse because that came with the drug use but my mug shot is just absolutely terrible. I'm so ashamed of how bad I looked. Thanks to the Glory Of God that I am sober and I plan to stay that way from now on. I just have to keep God first and always step forward never backwards that's when I will fall. But I'm going strong now for almost 6 months now and I feel amazing. Life is GREAT!

  3. He’s not only a woman beater but a child abuser. I saw the marks on my friend in 2010 and he hit her son with a belt so hard that it bruised his back. Then sent him to school with a hand print on his face from slapping him. They called his mom from school to pick him up and press charges. What a fu@@ing loser.

  4. Hey Ashton! My name is Joanie and David was married to my mom Katrina years ago and I know I have some half sibilings but never met them! Please have your best friend reach out to me!!!!! I have met David a couple times but it was years ago! Please have your best friend call me At 337-400-9478!!

  5. Kurtis Krueger held me hostage for nine hours and beat me. I was not the first female, he ever beat up. He beat his ex wife as well when they were married. I was promised that he would serve jail time but instead they let him take a plea deal. Putting him one some list won't make him change his ways. He'll be arrested again but this time he will actually kill the poor girl that he lays his hands on. He's a monster and the justice system failed me.

  6. Which offender are you speaking about in this post? Please text me. This is my Google # 985-242-0419. Your help may be needed in a murder investigation if we are speaking about the same person. Please help me help our family. Any information that you can offer may be helpful.
    -Amanda Acosta

  7. I was raped beat and cheated on throughout my marriage to Eduardo Bentz.. And after he left the state my troubles did not stop he met someone who he allowed to antagonize me saying horrible things to me and encouraging my children to turn on me as if they him and his criminal girlfriend are innocent.. They both have criminal histories and they started so much trouble for me that the state I'm currently in did not even check into their criminal history before giving them my children.. I feel i have been treated so unfairly because of this nightmare of a person who is being allowed privileges he should not be!

  8. Good for you! Thanks for sharing that you are doing better.
    My mug shot is awful as well. I was defending my mom against my brother who was mentally abusing her and he would not get out of the house my sister and I legally owned, which I was also living in. I was arrested because I couldn’t prove at the time I was 1/2 owner. Charges were dropped as soon as it was proven, but the lesson was learned to never allow someone else’s actions to control mine. I endured my siblings presents until everything was finalized after my mom passed away in 2020. Now I no longer associate with my drug addict brother, alcoholic dad, or my sister who is a pathological lier. I’m living healthy and free of all the drama they cause and bring to everyone around them. Life has never been better for me, even without having my mama here. She was my reason for staying connected to them. I know she understands. She knew us all well. She knew what to expect from each of us.

  9. Bryan Buchanan is among these slimy, disgusting men. He is a narcissist, truely has nothing in his heart. And he loves to be sneaky. When u less expect it. Stay away from this one. Beware!

  10. Wesley Menard is a con artist thief drug and alcoholic. Stole his wife and daughters car while pregnant. Literally went for a pack of cigarettes and disappeared. A master manipulator! He will fool you. Beware

  11. Not sure who yall are speaking of in this post either but I also have a muder case I'm trying to figure out ... back in the early 90s...

  12. Amazing!!! I said years ago There should be a registery so people can check before dating. As a child watching my father abuse my mother. so horrifying for me to see the man i loved as my dad. Shoot her with pellets for hours or a cast iron skillet to the head over an over . Police would call my uncle to give him a sleeping pill. Because there was no law . Then i'm assuming. He did when i was 7 cancer. I didn't cry i was greatful God took him. This is a definite great site now to make a weekly paper listing all registered offenders . Sexual,abuse,
    nonpayment of support, would be even better and wanted . Great job louisiana

  13. US Justice Dept studies have concluded that 25% of females that make some type of supposed domestic abuse related complaints are intentionally false against men, as to gain an upper hand in divorces, malicious spite. etc., + further found that women with primarily Borderline Personality Disorder are the 'queens of false fraudulent restraining orders, abuse type complaints, etc. constantly throughout their lives, being master of munipulate

  14. I have heard there is a "Violent offender list" or a domestic violence offender list or even a list of people who have committed violent acts against minors. Is there such a list, and if there is, how do I find it? I have rumor to believe my Ex is on that list. I need to find out in order to keep my children safe.
    Thank you

  15. I am looking for my X who may be on this list. Can you tell me how to get this list please. I know you don't know me, but I am trying to save my kiddos from him.
    Thank you

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