ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Kentucky (KY)

There are a variety of statutes in Kentucky that may be invoked when an act of domestic violence occurs, such as assault, felony assault, terroristic threatening, menacing, wanton endangerment, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, and manslaughter/murder. Elements of these crimes can be found in various provisions of the Kentucky penal code, contained in Title L of the Kentucky Revised Statutes

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David A Ingram
Arrest Age 36
Lexington, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Jan 19, 2005
• tampering with physical evidence
• assault,1st degree(domestic violence)
Ingram David - Jessamine County, Kentucky
Gary Ingram
Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Dec 04, 2019
• violation of a kentucky epo/dvo
• assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury
• serving warrant (for other police agency)
Ingram Gary - Jessamine County, Kentucky
Gary Ingram
Arrest Age 28
Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Jul 02, 2015
• assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury
Ingram Gary - Jessamine County, Kentucky
Kia Y. Ingram
Arrest Age 29
Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Jun 22, 2000
• assault 2nd degree - non-family - (strongarm)
Hollie Elise Isaacs
Arrest Age 18
Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Apr 20, 2007
• assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) minor injury
Isaacs Hollie - Jessamine County, Kentucky
Willie Isaacs
Arrest Age 53
McKee, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Feb 07, 2010
• assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) minor injury
• resisting arrest
• menacing
• disorderly conduct, 1st degree
• terroristic threatening, 3rd degree
James A Isom
Arrest Age 32
Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested Jun 15, 2003
• assault,4th(domestic violence,minor injury)
Isom James - Jessamine County, Kentucky
Daron T Ison
Arrest Age 23
Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
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Arrested May 08, 2004
• assault,4th(domestic violence,minor injury)
• drug paraphernalia; use, posses, 1st offense
• poss of marijuana
• alcohol intoxication in a public place (1st & 2nd offenses)
Ison Daron - Jessamine County, Kentucky

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30 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Kentucky (KY)”

  1. I wasn't aware that woman beaters have to register on the sex offender's registry.
    Is Earl a sex offender too?

  2. Matthew Krimm is the Violent in any way shape or form. He was wrongly accused and how could there be violence with no visible injury? To avoid misinterpretation of any public record, a concerned party should request a copy of the case file from the courts which will provide more identifying information.

  3. I know that there are alot of people on here that rightfully desirves to be in here, but John Travillian is my dad, and he is doing so much better. He is mentally and physically doing better and I am so proud to be his daughter. After he got out of jail he strightened his life up and he is now engaged to a women who has a son, who I deeply enjoy hanging out with. And now that he lives farther away from me I don't really get to see him as often but when I do I make the most out of the time that I get with him. And this summer I get to spend time with him.... All summer long and I am so excited! So please I know that he messed up but he is doing a lot better now so NO HATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  4. Ronnie Poe claims to be a minister... A prophet... Yet still goes to the clinic and still in the court system for domestic violence. My wife and I watch him and he thinks he is above the law and that God talks to him and tells him bad things about people. He is a very sick man. These people that follow him have no clue who this guy really is!

  5. I love hearing stories where people have turned their lives around. No one knows exactly what anyone is going through. No one has the right to judge anyone or keep them prisoner of their past. We live, learn and grow. We are not the same person we were yesterday. I wish your family all the best. I hope your dad knows what a special daughter he has in you. Namaste

  6. I hope my ex husband turns his life around I didn’t even know he was on a registry for this. He was violent to me and hasn’t seen our little girls since they were 1 and 2 years old they are both going to be in school this year and are so smart and beautiful. I will pray for him

  7. I am a victim of violent abuse from Clifton Edward Moran 52 yr old after learning he is a repeated domestic violence offender and very surprised he is not on this list. I currently have a protective order and a criminal warrant filed. He has raging anger assaulted me and strangled me until I was able to break loose. The worst man I've ever dated and thank God I did not marry him. I went from planning a wedding to planning DVO/EPO and criminal complaint. Learned at the courthouse I was just another victim and he has BPD now days background checks are needed for dating. Just never know.

  8. I was arrested for Domestic Violence because I called the police for help and they came and arrested me as if I was the suspect I WAS A VICTIM AND I WAS ARRESTED and let my attacker free to walk away . I was going through this for months and the first time I called for help they FAILED ME!!!! I’ll never call LMPD

  9. Why is Anderson County NOT on here? As a victim of a repeat offender, I'd like to know to prepare myself from future attacks, that could be fatal from this guy. This needs to be fixed...

  10. Richard D Lauersdorf used to abuse his ex wife Lisa Russ Lauersdorf. Glad that she divorced him quickly. Now Doris Campagna is too stupid having him.

  11. Tristan Lee Watkins has 2 more DVs under his belt after me. He only abused those that have his children apparently. But she beats him too so it's all good. Keep it away from me.

  12. Is Devon Avery the same dude that posted all the nude pics of his ex fiancee Mallory Sullivan? I'm almost certain that's him

  13. John Hazeres claimed the same and was super active in the church and with youth services but he grabs on kids (molested) through his ministry but his time will come. It all comes back no matter how they try to hide it

  14. My daughter Nathina was killed from domestic violence. She is on this list because she fought back. Don't stay in an abusive relationship. If they do it once, they will do it again. Its not worth your life.

  15. Oh my God. My heart breaks for you. She had every reason to fight back. I have been through domestic violence as well. I finally started fighting back, because the police and the court system were no help, and got away from my perpetrators, although they are still lurking around. I'm so very sorry for you, Nancy. My mom's name is Nancy. I will keep you in my prayers. ❣️♾️️

  16. And now she’s dead by the hands of another man that she didn’t or couldn’t fight back from. He killed her.

  17. I’m so sorry this happened! My best friend Tara fought back too, which is why she’s on the list. She got out, but Unfortunately got involved with another guy years later who just killed her. These guys know how to manipulate and it’s unfortunate that no one protects women, even worse, when we protect ourselves we’re labeled.

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