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Joshua Antonie Andresen
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Arrested Sep 21, 2019
• domestic abuse assault cause bodily injury/mental illness (srms) (completed)
Andresen Joshua - Clinton County, Iowa
Christiane Arroyo-Nieves
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Arrested Aug 05, 2019
• domestic abuse assault w/intent to inflict serious injury (agms) (attempted)
Arroyo-Nieves Christiane - Clinton County, Iowa

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9 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Iowa (IA)”

  1. Ok yes I was charged, because police responded to a call from neighbors, but that's only because they have to charge someone in order to justify responding to a call. But that's enough of a red flag to cause most people to Ignore that there was no conviction of it.

      • Just because you are convicted doesn't make you guilty John. That has always been the stupidity related to plea bargains and it is a subject of continual debate. Don't think for one second the judicial system is absent of corruption or conspiracy. Everyone needs a paycheck even if it means destroying a person who had nothing to begin with!

      • Jon it's Ash your homie through Canishia. How are you? You have time to do better if you did something don't make the same mistake if it is true.

  2. I watched this pos violent thug waving a gun around, pointing it at a female, jamming it in her stomach - and I watched Des Moines Police pull up and defuse the situation as the perp tried to run. They got him, and I'm glad - and I'm fairly sure that woman is too. Frankly, if this "man" were never released it would STILL be too soon.

    Great job, Des Moines Police Dept.


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