ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Georgia (GA)

Legal Framework in Georgia

Georgia has established a comprehensive legal framework to address and combat domestic violence, providing protection for victims and penalties for perpetrators. Key aspects of Georgia's approach to domestic violence include:

  • Protective Orders: Georgia law allows victims of family violence to obtain protective orders (also known as restraining orders or family violence protection orders) against their abusers. These orders can provide various forms of relief, including prohibiting the abuser from contacting the victim, requiring the abuser to maintain a distance from the victim, temporary custody orders, and financial support orders.
  • Criminal Penalties: Individuals convicted of family violence offenses in Georgia face significant penalties, which can include jail time, fines, mandatory counseling, and community service. The severity of the penalty often depends on the nature of the offense, the presence of any prior convictions, and other aggravating factors.
  • Mandatory Arrest Policies: Georgia law enforcement officers are required to make an arrest in cases where they have probable cause to believe that family violence has occurred and that the safety of the persons involved is in immediate danger. This mandatory arrest policy is designed to provide immediate protection for victims of domestic violence.

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Arrest Records Database - Pickens County, Georgia

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Michael Andrew Alexander
Bond: $1250
Arrest Age 28
Cartersville, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Oct 17, 2016
• simple battery - family violence
• false imprisonment
• open container in vehicle
• dui - driving under the influence of alcohol
Ashley Allday
Bond: $500
Jasper, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Jun 04, 2019
• simple battery - family violence
James Toby Allen
Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 26
Atlanta, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Aug 04, 2018
• simple battery - family violence
• criminal trespass - family violence
Zachary Michael Allen
Bond: $325
Arrest Age 24
Ball Ground, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Mar 16, 2017
• simple battery - family violence
William Tracy Allison
Bond: $325
Arrest Age 45
Nelson, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Jan 26, 2015
• simple battery - family violence
Sonia Fay Arflin
Marble Hill, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Aug 28, 2019
• family drug court violation
Sonia Fay Arflin
Ellijay, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Dec 30, 2019
• family drug court violation
Sylvia Atkinson
Bond: $1000
Talking Rock, Pickens, GA
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Arrested Aug 03, 2019
• simple battery - family violence

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Support and Resources for Victims

Georgia provides a range of support services and resources for victims of domestic violence, aimed at offering protection, assistance, and guidance. These include:

    • Shelters and Safe Houses: Numerous shelters and safe houses across Georgia provide emergency housing, food, and support services for victims of domestic violence and their children.
    • Counseling and Advocacy: Victims have access to counseling services, legal advocacy, and assistance with filing for protective orders through various non-profit organizations and community programs.
    • Hotlines: Statewide and national hotlines offer 24/7 support, advice, and referrals to local resources for victims of domestic violence.

The state of Georgia defines domestic violence as an act of "family violence." The law protects against physical, sexual, and emotional abuse among family members. You don't have to be married to someone in order to be a victim of domestic violence in Georgia.

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  1. title: C... V...
    note: Not convicted
    I would like to say Clayton is a First time offender & had never been arrested before in his life. He was an ROTC student & had planned on joining the Navy following his brother & father. This particular event happened in 2018. I am Clayton’s mother and would like to have this removed. Clayton was on a psychiatric medication called Prozac that caused terrible side affects. He was 29 when this occurred and no one was killed or even injured. He was simply having a psychotic episode. He was released on Bond and without thinking sent his ex girlfriend 2 emails telling her how sorry he was and that he felt horrible and wished her well. He never saw her or tried to see her again. Those 2 emails have cost him 2 1/2 yrs as they revoked his bond. His life will never been the same and he will never regain all he has lost. Please remove this information. Sincerely, J... D... V...

  2. My Name its Nasheem Abdulmalik and yes I have a pled guilty to a false charge of domestic violence just to let you know personally I pled guilty to all charges to get back to my life they made their money after my arrest and I felt you know what they think what they want of me as is

  3. I am the real Ezra Clayton and the above is not in reference to me. I have never been on Prozac nor had a psychotic episode. My mother has not ever written a comment such as this on a website. I was never an ROTC student who planned on joining the Navy.

  4. Is this site just he said she said? It is my experience that not all domestic abusers have criminal records and some have minimal. I have kept the threatening email text and voice message of my ex . I contacted tpo and there are no other court records regarding what he has done. I was ignored.I will not tolerate abuse and I am a firm believer that if someone has several sources of evidence that this information should be available to the public with actual documentation of threats. Some abusers try to play victim hence saving documents was key for me.All abusers should have no right to do this to anyone else nor have the privilege to go on dating sites to meet ,use, hurt, violate, use coercion on another human being. This goes for non physical violence as well. This all has to stop. The cycle needs to stop. Awareness will save lives. People have a right to want to be involved with sick individuals that fell between the cracks of the system .

  5. "People have a right to not want to be involved with sick individuals. " The gaslighters , controlling people that get away with to much.... We have a right to expose the abuse as far as I am concerned. If abusers get away that it is like saying that it is okay to continue abusing others. It is not okay and it will never be.

  6. Dear Ezra McCord, I have no idea why you would believe my request was written in reference to you, and i have no idea who you are. But all those things written about my son are true and are documented in the court records. Best of luck to you. J D V

  7. And what do i you believe i “deserve” John? 5 + yrs for a first offender non violent crime?

  8. You know something? I, the real Clayton Vehorn, one hundred percent agree with you. But every now and then, someone who has been subjected to emotional and psychological abuse for several months on end, coming from an individual who lacks any capacity for empathy, and who has lost everything to the delusional nature of that person, finally snaps. I’ve plead out. I’m getting what I deserve. I made a mistake. I admit that. But it isn’t who I am. And I do not make a pattern of it. I regret how I handled the situation. I was scared. I was desperate. I should have done things differently. I’m living with it and learning from it and I have no ill will towards anyone else. But it’s not always one sided or as cut and dry as it seems on paper or a display.

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