ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Colorado (CO)

In Colorado, arrests are mandatory for those who violate restraining orders, and jail time is required for subsequent violations. Victims' advocates contend that, without such teeth, restraining orders too often do not deter violent offenders. The state also now mandates treatment for abusive family members.

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Colorado Domestic Violence Treatment – What Are The Standards – What Does The Evaluation Consist Of – How Does It Work?
Child Abuse includes violence against children who are not the subject of the custody action. A parent who committed child abuse cannot share decision-making over the objection of the other parent, but, curiously, may have sole decision-making.

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    I was arrested on allegations. And not convicted for the above mentioned. In court, the charges were dismissed and expunged off my record. Why am I listed as a criminal on the website for everyone to judge and see? I am not a registered offender.


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