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Arkansas domestic violence deaths increased during the pandemic.
National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women. Abuse Victims Charged with Crimes.

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Zeyad Derhemmohamed Abdo
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Arrested Aug 25, 2019
• domestic battering 2nd deg
• domestic battering 3rd deg
• false imprisonment 2nd degree interf
• interference with emergency communicatio
• possession of controlled substance
Abdo Zeyad - Pope County, Arkansas
Frank Edward Anderson
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Arrested Aug 20, 2019
• domestic battering 3rd deg
• interference with emergency communicatio
Anderson Frank - Pope County, Arkansas
Yelena Judith Anderson
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Arrested Jan 17, 2020
• domestic battering 3rd deg
• possess drug paraphernalia meth cocaine
• dwi 1 dc
Anderson Yelena - Pope County, Arkansas
Yelena Judith Anderson
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Arrested Aug 04, 2019
• aggravated assault on familyhousehold m
• public intoxication
John Robert Andrews
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Arrested Feb 05, 2020
• domestic battering 3rd deg
Andrews John - Pope County, Arkansas
Larry Justin Archuleta
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Arrested Jan 26, 2020
• domestic battering 3rd deg
Archuleta Larry - Pope County, Arkansas
Samuel Avila
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Arrested Sep 30, 2019
• viol of omnibus dwi act 1st offense
• 3rd deg assault family or household memb

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25 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Arkansas (AR)”

  1. Jameel Abdul Raheem of Little Rock/Mabelvale, AR (47), an offender listed on the site, who was convicted of domestic violence in 2018 after attacking his pregnant girlfriend has also been arrested for domestic violence as late as September 2020.

    The public should be aware of the behavior of repeat offenders and hopefully save another life from this type of abuse, or worse. Thank you for providing this service!

    Court records to can be found at this site: https://caseinfo.arcourts.gov/cconnect/PROD/public/ck_public_qry_cpty.cp_personcase_details_idx

  2. You don't have to do anything , when you get slapped ,kicked ,punched , and just push back ,that is just to leave you will be arrested not her not in Arkansas .You will charged and you be luckey if not Felony charge under Laura's Law”. Cops will go to ever lenth to make sure you face guilty plea like it or not . They no reason to hit women that is wrong just leave come back next day have police with you . If not you be setting in jail .

  3. I’m a young black man, and every one knows the police use anything they could against us. And it be the black officers. So view and think what you’ll like. Can you guys show proof and provide pictures of marking or was it he say she say?

  4. Everyone knows women who are truly experiencing domestic violence never say a word about it only the ones lying do.

  5. It's crazy that they put a change on my son cause me an him was having an disagreement an the police took my son away he never put his hands on me nor did he get in my face at all they went on some else word an took my son to jail that is why I got out of Arkansas an when he get out he will be leaving Arkansas as well nothing but racist ass white folks there an some of them niggas there are the same

  6. The Barnett Williams that I knew would never batter, beat , assault a female, regardless of the situation. I hope & pray He will get help and remember who he is.

  7. Its people like you and statements like "nothing but racist ass white folks there" that cause promote racism, try to tell me you're not racist against white people, its sad that you cant see that

  8. It’s amazing how ignorant sounding people commenting on here are. Everyone sounds like uneducated idiots that can’t spell or use proper grammar and punctuation.

  9. I’m glad the criminal’s faces are plastered here for everyone to see. Defending women abusing thugs. You seem like a real winner!!

  10. I agree why can't a woman be the abuser in the laws eyes my ex choked me black and blue and the cops said I choked myself. I'm like dude my hands wrap around my neck and some not just to my jugular veins

  11. I was in a abusive marriage for 4 years and called the police about 8-9 times on my husband at the time. They never once arrested him even when his mom was telling them they needed to arrest him. Finally the last time I called the police, the one that came out arrested me and said he was the victim not me. I've always had trust issues with the police they are supposed to protect you but obviously that's a joke!

  12. I have a comment, to Make about Matthew Allen. He is the sweetest guy Ive ever met. A total gentleman. I feel he has a very dark side, that I never got to see, thank god. He lived in Waco Tx , worked in Temple Tx at one of those Gold Exchange places. He got Questioned on 4 different Deaths, he was the last one, to see each one of these people, before they were murdered. So he totally scares me to death, now!

  13. From my experience. Many people try to set up people to produce a violent reaction. Purposefully to get them on paper and arrested. Illegal I would guess. Trying to start trouble purposefully with the intention of trying to have someone arrested. Some of the comments on here are ignorant. So I would drop my two cents. There's people out there who use psychological tactics and act aggressively to get you to hit them. Which if you feel threatened and they are aggressive your allowed to. Anyway. People do this.

  14. You are not Christopher Walls. This has nothing to do with you. Christopher Edward Walls is abusive monster serial rapist

  15. Keep your hands off of people then you don’t have to worry about psychological tactics. What happened to sticks and stones????Learn to walk away and stop trying to justify domestic violence. And you don’t need pictures of marking or whatever to tell someone is a disgusting abuser.

  16. Major Jones, also known as: Myron Jones and Popeye Jones, is a dead beat dad who has fathered 20+ children. Currently, he is on child support for 10+. He preys on educated black women. He will try to con as much money out of you as he possibly can. Women BEWARE!!!

  17. Dakelon Deadmon of North Little Rock, AR, an offender listed on the site, who was convicted of domestic violence in February 2018 and again December 2018 after attacking his pregnant girlfriend has also been arrested for domestic violence yet again September 2019 same lady, February 2020 family member, another domestic violence charge March 2021 also another girlfriend of his. He has several domestic protection orders from multiple women.

    The public should be aware of the behavior of repeat offenders and hopefully save another life from this type of abuse, or worse. Thank you for providing this service!


  18. This statement is 100% true. Ik this bc I am one of his victims! Whoever you are just know you're not alone. I am so sorry you had to experience this! Thank you for posting!

  19. Arkansas police are corrupt drug dealers who arrest anyone they can to increase the crime rate for job security because if there was no crime they would be out of job

  20. Nyricas walker use to beat on me and rape me every day! He threatened to kill me if I didn’t drop the charges back in 2020. I should’ve known he was just bluffing but he always did horrible things to me after he said he was. He got me put out my place, took my car as if it was his because he didn’t have anything. I was set in life before him. I know he’s going to strike again at someone else, he wants to control everything and everybody except himself. He use to take my phone and my bank card as if it was his. Nyricas is a monster that needs to be kept in jail for life.

  21. Hi. I am a journalist in Oklahoma for a Federally recognized tribe that I belong to. We just had a movie released by Hollywood describing how non-native men hurt and killed our women in order to take our headrights and build a white empire from our oil royalties. Recently the man above, David Paul Buie, appeared in our community and dated me. He was very manipulative and was able to get $7,000 from me to reinstate his DL that was suspended in 4 states. He took a motorcycle out in my name and I am still paying for it. He also physically abused me, breaking one of my teeth. He made pets disappear. He also threw away the ashes of a woman I took care of on hospice. Her son is pursuing charges against him for it. I wanted everyone on this site to know that this guy poses as a straight man that works as a barber. He doesn't make much money cutting hair, but utilizes dating apps to sleep with both men and woman and robs them if he can't get them to volunteer money. He is dangerous and a sociopath. When I looked him up and read all of this it made me shiver. He had told me a completely false story about the DV charges from Arkansas. He has DV charges everywhere. If he continues to run loose, he will kill someone eventually. He threatened to hurt my 3-year-old granddaughter out of jealousy of the attention I give her. He is sick.

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