ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Alabama (AL)

The Criminal Records Identification Unit includes the Records Check Section, which is responsible for responding to inquiries of criminal history and background matters and provides requested criminal background information as applicable by law. The Criminal Records Identification Unit also includes the Criminal History Section and the Automated Fingerprint Identification Services (AFIS) Section. AFIS is responsible for analyzing, storing, matching, and retrieving fingerprint images within the system. The Criminal History Section maintains fingerprint files for all arrested offenders in the state of Alabama, as well as deceased persons, and ensures the offender information is accurately reflected in the Criminal History Repository. Criminal Records Alabama Law Enforcement Criminal Records Department

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15 thoughts on “ᐅ Domestic Violence Registry – Alabama (AL)”

  1. Mr. Sullivan also has a domestic continues family charge plus violation of probations in Harris County.

  2. THIS IS BS! My baby moms came up to court and admitted she was lying on me get your facts right before you go doing stuff like this

  3. I know tobaris freeman and he was on cocaine and I use to leave next door and can hear his wife screaming for help and his children were trying to defend their mom and he didn’t care. He would put his hands on her and fight he like it was normal for a man to hit a woman and I just hope she left him alone because me and my kids would call the cops everytime we heard him beating on her. They were a beautiful couple but when you have a person abusing drugs and cheating the relationship goes straight down the drain. She was loud naturally and a smart girl so I hope she left that abuse

  4. Brondon Antwaun Underwood is a evil person who can hide his true self well!! He beat me everyday for over a year!!! He blames me for “making him do it” but he will never change! Ladies seriously BEWARE!!!!!

  5. Eric Farris is a woman beater has beat me unrecognizable in the past thank god I finally got away from him. The last time he put his hands on me my son had to throw him off. Of course its everyone elses fault everybody made him do it. He is an mental emotional and physical abuser selfish narcisitic jealous tormenter he will never change he is a loser. Beware.

  6. TJ Walls (Terry Lynn Walls, Jr. of Northport, AL) is the definition of a psycho nutcase wacko. This guy Is a convicted felon pill head who uses mindgames and manipulation to scare and intimidate people. No surprise to anyone, this no talent fool he’s been arrested multiple times for harassment. If it wasn’t for his dad giving him money and a place to stay, he wouldn’t even be able to support himself. He’s a complete moron. Lock this monster up where are he belongs. In a cage.

  7. David Dudley has always been this way. Woman are just something he wants to use and hurt. He's not concerned about anyone but himself. He would be a good guy and could change. Too bad.

  8. This is a crock of shit. Alabama doesn't recognize self defense. Davis Wilson is The Biggest liar I have ever met. He was driving that day. He is a narcassistic sociopath. He uses woman for whatever he can get. He's 2 faced. He acts like people up on the hill are his friends. you should hear what he says behind their backs.

  9. Cortez Lenarde Warren was never prosecuted for his charges and did not serve any time. He brutally murdered my daughter Madison Shea Pilkington January 2022 by beating her to death in Hoover, AL at Halston Apartments. If laws were tougher and he had been prosecuted my daughter would still be alive.

  10. I can not get over the fact that there is so much protection for the abuser yet the victims get nothing. I was even told to go back to my house ALONE and if he was still there to give them a call? I live in constant fear of my life. Meanwhile he's wanted in 3 counties and has been arrested 3 times since last incident and they keep letting him out? Guess I have to die first....unbelievable

  11. Roger Dean Attaway is a low life pathological liar and addict. He has abused women and committed theft. Con artist and manipulator.

  12. Larry Allen Gattis domestic violence charges 2011, killed different partner 2019. Wonder if she knew of Allen's previous domestic charges before she married this monster.

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